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Event Description: Timber Speed Climb

Speed Climbing
Speed Climbing is one of the events that will introduce viewers to the broadcast coverage of the GO Games.
No wimps allowed in this event at ESPN's Great Outdoor Games.

Imagine the strength required to virtually run up a 65-foot pole. If you can't imagine it, just sit back and watch as some of the most athletic competitors in the world race to the top.

Using specialized spurs and a rope sling, these competitors combine nimbleness with powerful legs and shoulders to haul themselves up towards the sky as fast as they can.

Ascending a 65-foot spar pole is only half the goal of this event, though. Climbers must indicate that they have reached the top by striking a line strung between the two poles with their rope or body. At that point they're half-way home. Time is not called until they make it back down. In their descent, climbers are required to "spur" the pole in each of the designated sections of the pole. Freefalling is not an option… though these guys come very close. Time is not called until the climber hits the ground.

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