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Bob Mastroianni

Mastroianni exults in his 2000 gold medal performance.
Event: Rifle Targets

2001 GOG Finish: 11th
2000 GOG Finish: Gold Medal

Hometown: Monson, MA

Age: 50

Height: 6'

Weight: 200

Occupation: Shop Manager

Background: Mastroianni's shooting and hunting influences came from his mother's side of the family. Mastroianni was six years old when his father and uncles took him hunting. Mastroianni now trains four or five days a week shooting rifles, handguns and shotguns. The Sportsman's Team Challenge was his first involvement in rifle competitions, and the Great Outdoor Games is simply a natural extension of that interest.

Competitive history: Won the 1999 Chevy Truck Sportsman Team Challenge AA Class

Strengths: Rifle, handgun, shotgun

Sponsors: Kleeh-Bone Gum Care

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