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Target Sports Glossary

Shotgun Terms

Gauge — A term used in the identification of most shotgun bores (.410 bore is an exception), indicating the number of bore-diameter lead balls weighing one pound. Common gauges in sporting use are 12, 16, 20, and 28.

Choke — An interior constriction at or near the muzzle of a shotgun barrel for the purpose of controlling shot dispersion.

Trap — A machine that throws clay targets in the air or along the ground for use in shotgun shooting.

Shotshell — A round of shotgun ammunition containing multiple pellets.

Rifle Terms

Bullet — A non-spherical projectile used in a rifled barrel.

Caliber — A term used to designate the specific cartridge(s) for which a firearm is chambered.

Reactive metallic target — A target made from metal which, when hit by a bullet, moves or is knocked down, providing instant confirmation that it has been hit.

Semiautomatic — A firearm that fires, extracts, ejects and reloads once for each pull of the trigger. Also called self-loading or auto-loading.

Clip — A container that holds bullets in proper sequence for feeding into a firearm.

Archery Terms

End — A group of arrows, usually three, which are shot before going to the target to score and retrieve them.

FITA — 1. Federation Internationale de Tir a l'ARC. Archery's international governing body. 2. A round of 144 total arrows shot at a target from four different distances. The most common round in archery competition.

Group — (n) The pattern of arrows on the target. (v) To shoot three arrows on the target.

Nock — (n) The attachment on the rear of an arrow that holds it in place on the bow string. (v) To place an arrow on the string.

Site — A mechanical device placed on the bow with which the archer can aim directly at the target.

Stabilizer — A weight mounted on a bow, usually extending some distance from the handle, used to help stabilize a bow when it is fully drawn.

Robin Hood — An accomplishment named after the legendary character. Occurs when an archer drives the tip of the shaft of one arrow into the end of another arrow already in the bull's eye.

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