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Brian Bartow

Brian Bartow
Brian Bartow
Event: Speed Climbing

2001 GOG Finish: Gold Medal
2000 GOG Finish: Bronze Medal

Hometown: Grants Pass, OR

Age: 22

Height/weight: 6'3, 195

Marital Status: Single

Nickname: Geronimo

Occupation: Artist, Musician, Speed Climber, Student

Background: Bartow was born into the timber sports, following in his father's footsteps. He first learned how to climb on springboard poles in Australia. Bartow is currently working on his degree in music with a minor in art. In his free time he plays guitar and sings in a band called "Beevonky," named after two of his friends, nicknamed Beaver and Monkey. Bartow trains on an old bark tree that is smoothed out for perfect climbing. He also strengthens his legs by riding his bike.

Records Held: 80-feet record, Sguicemish, BC, 18.68 seconds; 90-feet record, Hayward, WI, 20.05 seconds; 60-feet traditional climb, Hayward, WI, 13.69 seconds

Competitive History: 1999 World Championships for 100-foot, 90-foot, 80-foot, and 60-foot climbs; Bronze Medalist, 2000 Great Outdoor Games; Gold Medalist, 2001 Great Outdoor Games

Strengths: Youth; a natural ability to climb very fast

Weaknesses: Lack of training time

Personal Bests: 90-foot record climb at Hayward, Wisconsin in 20.05 seconds

Coaches/Mentors: His father and uncle

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