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Dany Duperre

Dany Duperre
Event: Women's Endurance

2001 GOG Finish: 8th place
2000 GOG Finish: Silver Medal

Hometown: Canada

Age: 41

Height/weight: 5'6, 135

Marital status: Married

Children: Two

Occupation: Lumberjill

Background: Duperre started competing in timber contest after she met her husband, Gaston Duperre. She got her feet wet in the hot saw events, and followed that up with crosscut saws. Now the couple competes in around 20 contests a year. During the winter Duperre puts on shows with Tina Schear, called the "Timber Tinas World Champion Lumberjills." Duperre is the current world champion in Women's Crosscut Single Saw, a title she has held for more than six years. She is always in the top five in the Underhand Chop and Crosscut Single Sawing at the Lumberjacks World Championships. In 1999, she won three overall contests in Rochester, Minn., Monden, Ontario, and Parish Sawing, Ontario. In the Jack and Jill events, she has been in the top three for the last 15 years. In 1993-1994, she had 14 victories consecutively in Jack and Jill. She was the Jack and Jill world champion in 1992 and won second place in 1998-1999. In 1993, the Duperre's were the first Jack and Jill team to saw 20-inch round white pine render in 9.57 seconds, at the Lumberjacks World Championships.

Strengths: ability to concentrate; year-round training regimen

Weaknesses: height, although she prefers not to think of that as a weakness

Coaches/Mentors: Her husband, Gaston Duperre-she says he has the ability to analyze any situation and figure out a way to win

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