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Event Description: Log Rolling

log rolling
J.R. Salzman and Fred Scheer compete in the 2000 Men's Log Rolling final.
The centuries-old talent of walking on a floating log has evolved into an amazing event at ESPN's Great Outdoor Games. When the log rollers take to the water all eyes will focus on a rare breed of athlete.

Starting with wider logs and becoming progressively more narrow, rollers will square off — two at a time — in an effort to roll their counterpart off the log and into the water. Rollers use their amazing footwork to roll the log with both forward and backward revolutions, changing pace and direction to disrupt the balance of their competition. In each pairing, the first to win two falls moves on to the next round.

The competitive side of these events has its origins in Nova Scotia, British Columbia and Michigan. Eventually, Hayward, Wisconsin, became the log-rolling capital of the world, but that wasn't until the 1960s. Since then, nearly all the top rollers and boom runners have come from Hayward, Wisconsin.

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