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Greg Hart

Greg Hart
Greg Hart
Event: Tree Topping

2001 GOG Finish: Gold Medalist
2000 GOG Finish: Silver Medalist

Hometown: Albion, British Columbia

Age: 41

Height/weight: 6'1", 185

Marital Status: Married

Children: Two

Occupation: Tree Topper Competitor

Background: Hart was initially drawn to the sport because of the extreme challenge. He has 25 years of experience and says that the key to victory is climbing, rope handling and sawing. Without any one of these three things, a competitor will not do well. Hart performs a high-tree act at timber sport events in which he dances on top of a 60- to 100-foot tree and does a headstand. His wife, Christina, then steps out and shoots him from the top.

Records held: Hart held records in the North American Tree Topping events from 1985 to 1988; he held World Tree Topping Records in Squamish, British Columbia from 1994 to 1995; Gold Medalist, Tree Topping, 2001 Great Outdoor Games

Competitive history: Hart was the World Tree Topping Champion of 1995 in Albany, Oregon; Gold Medalist, Tree Topping, 2001 Great Outdoor Games

Strengths: Rope tying and sawing Weaknesses: Speed climbing (because of a previous knee injury)

Coaches/Mentors: Ten-time World Champion Tree Topper Ron Downing from Castle Rock, Washington

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