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Hot Saw

Hot saw

This event is fast and loud! Eight competitors will participate in this event in head-to-head bracketed competition. In each bracket the competitors will use modified chain saws, most of them made from motorcycle or snowmobile engines that run on high-octane gas, jet fuel or alcohol. The competitors will face one another in head-to-head bracketed competition. Each bracket will begin with the saws in the off position and at the call of "GO" both competitors will start their saw and make three consecutive full cuts through a 20" log, all within 7" of the end of the log in a down/up/down sequence. The first competitor to make all three complete cuts wins their bracket.

  • 2005 qualifying criteria

    Timber terms

    Log rolling

    A long string of logs that are connected end to end, for easy storage & transportation.

    To cut a fallen tree into smaller sections.

    The section of wood that is severed during crosscut or power sawing events.

    To cut over the line marked on wood by the judge that indicates the width of wood to be sawed within.

    Last portion of a chopping event when the axeman places his most powerful hits to severe the block. "he's going for the drive."

    Power hits in any chopping event used to severe the wood.

    a slang term (Australia & New Zealand) c meaning "up & down."

    M Tooth
    Saw with a distinctive pattern of its teeth forming an "M". Each tooth acts as a cutter & raker, with every other tooth reversed, so that both sides of the groove are cut. The chips produced are small & confetti-like. An M Tooth is very efficient in hard woods.

    Peg & Raker
    A saw with teeth that appear in two "pegs" which cut alternate sides of the groove, a "raker" rakes the cut wood out in long, single strands. With this saw, a single cut can run the entire diameter of the wood.

    Pole used in the River drive competition

    Holes cut into springboard poles into which the springboard itself is inserted. A good pocket is cut in 4 hits.

    River pig
    A logger who runs out into jammed logs to open the flow of timber. Also used synonymously for a "river driver" competition.

    In chopping events, the portion of wood that has been removed from the block.

    A portion of the log, which has been dislodged as a result of a split off to a foothold or running up, of the first chip in the standing event. May result in disqualification. Note: competitors prepare their competition blocks by using "slab nail" around the edges to prevent.

    Technique used primarily by Australian axemen where the top hand slides toward the axe head after the stroke as the competitor raises the ace for the next swing.

    Assistant used in the cross-cut sawing events who wedges the wood open & lubricates the saw.