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Team Wynyard wins Relay gold
By Guy Clifton
Great Outdoor Games staff

RENO, Nev. — Karmyn Wynyard and Bryan Schulz won bronze medals as individuals, but they were golden as teammates Saturday at the ESPN Great Outdoor Games.

Team Wynyard
Team Taylor's Dave Jewett lays into a log during the final leg of the Team Relay.
Team captain Wynyard, of Cres Massey, Aukland, New Zealand and speed climber Schulz, of Silverdale, Wash., helped Team Wynyard to the gold medal and a record time in the Team Relay at Reno's Rancho San Rafael Park.

Joining Wynyard and Schulz on the medal winning team were Ed Smith of Eatonville, Wash., on the stock saw; Justin Beckett of New South Wales, Australia on the underhand chop and Steve Rowe of Tasmania, Australia on the standing chop.

Team Wynyard, with a time of 1 minute, 19.93 seconds, handily defeated Team Engasser, led by Women's Endurance gold medallist Peg Engasser, which clocked in at 1:32.95.

Wynyard had finished third in the Women's Endurance, taking the bronze medal.

"I knew I had a good crew here and they pulled it off," a smiling Wynyard said after the gold medal match. "It was awesome."

Schulz, who won bronze earlier in the day in the Speed Climb, gave Team Wynyard a lead it never relinquished. The relay consists of teams going head to head in speed climbing, stock saw, underhand chop, single buck sawing and standing chop.

"I knew I had good strong cutters behind me," said Wynyard, who stretched her team's lead in the single buck.

To reach the finals, Team Wynyard first defeated Team Karp, led by captain Mary Ann Karp of Newark Valley, N.Y. Wynyard's husband, Jason, was on Team Karp. Teams were drafted about an hour before the start of the Team Relay competition.

"Our son said he was going to root for Daddy," Karmyn Wynyard said with a laugh. "I guess he picked the wrong team."

Team Engasser had to settle for the silver medal. Team members in addition to Engasser, of Cortland, N.Y., were speed climber Sean Duffy of Ashland, Wash.; Cal Richert of Juneau, Alaska on the stock saw; Arden Coker Jr. on the underhand chop and Matt Gurr on the standing chop.

The bronze medal went to Team Taylor, led by two-time Women's Endurance gold medallist Sheree Taylor of Te Aroha, New Zealand. Her fellow team members included Tony Bush of Kalispell, Mont., in speed climbing; Jim Taylor of Te Aroha, New Zealand on the stock saw; Dion Lane of Aukland, New Zealand on the underhand chop and Dave Jewitt of Pittsford, N.Y. on the standing chop.

Final standings

1. Team Wynyard
2. Team Engasser
3. Team Taylor
4. Team Scheer
5. Team Zalewski
6. Team Karp
7. Team Bolstad
8. Team Beams