British Open final hole marred by demonstrators

HOYLAKE, England -- Tiger Woods can't seem to win a British Open without some type of disruption. There was a streaker at St. Andrews, and purple flour bomb Sunday at Royal Liverpool as he was about to play his third shot from behind the 18th green.

A man was heard to shout, "Fathers For Justice" as six flour bombs were thrown onto the putting surface, drawing boos from the fans sitting around the 18th green. The man was led away by police, who wore plastic gloves to clean away the residue.

The flour bombs left small purple stains on the grass but didn't seem to affect the players.

"We only saw the paint," said Sergio Garcia, who was Woods' playing partner. "We didn't see when they threw it. It's very disappointing to see that happen in a championship like this one is, the best championship in the world. It didn't affect me at all. I wasn't putting through the paint anyway."

Fathers 4 Justice is a campaign for fathers' rights in child custody cases. Similar devices were thrown at Prime Minister Tony Blair in the House of Commons two years ago during a debate.