Everything that will happen in golf in 2022 according to America's Caddie

If 2022 has the same drama, excitement and confused chaos as 2021, I'm going to need to book an AirBnB in the mountains of Tibet to decompress. OOOOOOHHHHMMMMMM.

The 12 months that was 2021 was the wildest of golf cart rides.

But before I save my Tibetan trip SuperHost search preferences and do all my research, I'd like to start off with just a wish. Then we'll size up what this year could bring.

My wish for 2022 is that all the golfers we love -- and/or hate, for some people -- are safe and healthy in the new year. I would love to have a year when only what happens on the golf course makes news and headlines. It's probably like getting back-to-back calls from Augusta National and Pine Valley while Michael Jordan is in the driveway wanting you to come play Grove XXIII. But, hey, it's my wish. It could happen [shrug].

Let's start with the majors!

The Players Championship: Harold Varner III

Time for the "we never saw that coming" at the Players. Don't act like it hasn't happened before -- I'll spare you the full history lesson. HV3's best finish at this major was a T-7 in 2018. That said, the course that doesn't suit any one style of golf is the perfect course for him to earn his first PGA Tour win. (And, yes, it's a major. I know this might offend some, but it's 2022 and it's time to move on. It. Is. A. Major.)