Even Jack Nicklaus has trouble with Masters security

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- How tight is security at Augusta National? Even Jack Nicklaus got stopped driving down Magnolia Lane.

The six-time Masters champion, coming to the course for the traditional Champions Dinner on Tuesday night, had an interesting, if not comical, exchange to get on the grounds.

After first talking with a sheriff who quickly waved in the Golden Bear and chatted him up about the likely menu for that evening, a security guard needed a few moments before realizing who was in the car.

Nicklaus raised his badge to present it to the man working the gate.

"Yes sir, I need to scan it," the security guard said in the video posted on Nicklaus' Facebook page.

"Mine?" Nicklaus replied.

"Yes sir," the security guard answered, as he reached over to grab Nicklaus' badge.

Once he realized who it was, the tone of the conversation quickly changed.

"Oh, how you doing?" the security guard asked.

The man apologized and it was clear he felt terrible about his mistake.

To his credit, the 18-time major winner simply said to the guard that he was just doing his job.

At a third checkpoint, another sheriff didn't recognize Nicklaus at first, but quickly told him that he could go wherever he liked.

The video ended with another voice in the car asking Nicklaus, "why are they so nice to you?"

Six green jackets will do that for you.