Odds are 67 million to 1

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Chris Varallo thought it was quite amazing when he aced the third hole Saturday at Liberty Lake Golf Course. Then he hit a second hole-in-one on the 11th hole of the same round.

Odds against that are about 67 million to 1, according to Golf Digest.

"The first one was pretty amazing," said Varallo, 31. "But after the second, everyone was in utter disbelief. Other people on the course heard the screaming and were coming over to see what had happened."

Varallo used a 7-iron on the 143-yard third and holed his 8-iron tee shot on the 140-yard 11th of the course, located about 10 miles east of Spokane.

The 22-handicapper, an attorney, finished his round 31 strokes over par at 101.

"He did fall apart a little more than usual after that second one," said Dave Knutson, a member of his foursome who works with Varallo. "But he's a hack. Even leading up to it, his scorecard read something like 8-7-1-6-7-9 ... I mean, I don't know how it
could have happened. Both of them were good-looking shots. In fact, they were almost identical -- same trajectory with a little fade. And both of them were one hop and plunk!

"I'm very happy for him, but I'm dreading going back to work because I'm never going to hear the end of it," Knutson said.

Varallo, who has never broken 90, called his two aces "the two best shots I'll ever hit." At 31, he said, he's reached the pinnacle of his athletic career.

"I would have rather won the lottery," he said, "But, hey, I'll take this. I've got two golf balls and a scorecard I can keep forever."