Perry among those using new TaylorMade ball

Kenny Perry was playing a new ball with an old name
at the Target World Challenge.
TaylorMade is getting back into the golf ball market, although
only a handful of its top players are expected to be using it next
year. Part of that depends on which player's contract with Titleist
has expired.
Perry is one of them.
"I had good tests with it," he said. "It had the same ball
spin, same launch trajectory. My ball speed was averaging 168 [mph] with the Titleist and it was 172 with that one. I've found they're
a little softer chipping, but it flighted the same as a Titleist. I
thought I was playing the same golf ball, to tell you the truth."
Perry showed the ball with a Maxfli logo on it, but said it was
supposed to have TaylorMade's logo. TaylorMade recently acquired