Report: Tiger richest athlete in history

Tiger Woods hit another milestone over the weekend.

But his most recent record wasn't set on the golf course but, rather, should have a positive effect on his bank account.

The $10 million bonus Woods received by winning the FedEx Cup title makes him the first athlete to earn $1 billion,

Woods had earned $895 million going into 2009, according to Forbes.com. Adding the $10.5 million in prize money from this season, the FedEx bonus and more than $100 million in annual off-the-course earnings, Woods has topped the 10-figure mark.

Michael Jordan and Michael Schumacher are the only athletes, according to Forbes.com, who even come close to Woods. Jordan has earned $800 million since he entered the NBA in 1984 and Schumacher $700 million, by the Web site's count.

Woods, who is 33, has 95 professional wins including 71 on the PGA Tour. He has also won 14 majors.