Where did those ugly shirts of '99 wind up?

Almost as unforgettable as the U.S. team's come-from-behind victory at
the 1999 Ryder Cup were the shirts the team wore for its singles matches

The burgundy shirts, created under the direction of U.S. captain Ben
Crenshaw, were dotted with portraits of victorious U.S. teams from the
past six decades.

"A lot of thought went into those shirts," says Crenshaw. During the
tournament, BBC commentators said the shirts resembled pepperoni pizzas.

We asked the members of the team what they did with their keepsake.

Ben Crenshaw: "I've got a couple of them in my closet."

David Duval: "It's in storage in Ponte Vedra."

Jim Furyk: "It's packed with some other memorabilia. I'd auction it for
the right cause, but no one has asked. It wasn't a beautiful shirt, but
I thought it was cool. It had a lot of emotion and time spent on it by

Tom Lehman: "It's in a box in a closet. It's a replacement shirt,
because the one I wore I threw into the crowd. The guy who caught it put
it on eBay. I don't know what he got."

Justin Leonard: "I'm sure I've got it somewhere at home. I don't think
it's going to get back into the rotation. We never wear any of those
things again."

Davis Love III: "I've got two of those shirts hanging in my closet.
I keep all my Sunday shirts when I win. I have two of them, because
I wore one to the closing ceremonies, and it got all wet."

Jeff Maggert: "I either still have it or I donated it to a charity
auction. I'm not sure. I haven't thought about that ugly shirt for a
long time. I didn't think about how bad it looked until after the Ryder

Phil Mickelson: "I honestly don't know where that shirt is."

Mark O'Meara: "That's a good question. I have no idea where it is."

Steve Pate: "Mine was framed and sold in a charity auction. We got some
pretty good money for it, as I recall. I think it went for $5,000. It
was either that or use the shirt to dry my car."

Tracey Stewart: "Payne's shirt is hanging in a cedar closet in my home."

Hal Sutton: "It's hanging in my closet in a very accessible spot where I
can see it. It's a nice prop for recall."

Tiger Woods: "I threw it in the fireplace over Christmas and burned it.
It was sooo ugly. It provided more warmth for the house."

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