Caddie Confidential: Not-so-anonymous talk about Spieth's season

Jordan Spieth's caddie Michael Greller, left, has enjoyed his front-row seat to one of the most amazing seasons in professional golf history as his player won two majors, five tournaments overall and the FedEx Cup title. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

ATLANTA, Ga. -- This is going to be a little different.

As you might know, this is a column that protects the identity of the caddie who gives the information to us about the tournament. In this case, I won't have to protect him. It's Jordan Spieth's caddie, Michael Greller.

After winning the Tour Championship and FedEx Cup, there was no way to ask him the questions you and I all want answers to without saying it was him. He was gracious enough to speak just off the 18th green while Spieth took photos with the trophy.

Enjoy this Caddie "not-so" Confidential.

Collins: What's this year been like for you?

Caddie: [He laughed]

Collins: People talk about a dream year. What's a dream year for a caddie like?

Caddie: Uhhhh, it's just that, the most fun part for me is just, getting those, just kinda that rush when you're in the mix on the weekend, especially in the majors. And certainly this week, and just seeing how you react on the biggest stage.

It's just an adrenalin rush. You know to see Jordan and how he competes and grinds and to hear ... like he said, it's PG what he says on the cameras and I get to hear everything! And I just love being that person that he just bounces things off of during the actual round.

Feeling like I can make a small difference in the things I say and don't say to him. I don't have a golf background of say a Damon Green or ya know I'm probably a 5-handicap, but I know Jordan really well. I think I know Jordan as well as anybody and I think that's really important.

I mean you know that ... But those feelings, on the weekends ... the two I'm always gonna remember are Augusta and Chamber's [U.S. Open]. Bones [Mickelson's caddie] told me after Chamber's, he said, "Michael, it'll never get better for you than this moment as a caddie. You just won the U.S. Open in your hometown at the place you got married and where you got into caddying." And I was like, "Yeah, you're right!" Like what can top that?

Collins: What's it mean to you when you hear Jordan talk about you in press conferences and to the media?

Caddie: That's just crazy cause he gives me far more credit than I deserve. Bottom line is, he's the one hitting the shots, he's the one that made all the putts today, ya know? He's the one that got his head in the right place.

I told him all week, I said, "Each day you won with your head." I told him that all four rounds. ... For him to give me credit though [shrugs shoulders], he's the star of the team and we're the supporting cast. We know our place. Like today, especially on the greens, it was like, just get out of his way. You know when your guy's on. Just get out of his way.

Collins: When did you feel comfortable enough to give him a verbal kick in the pants?

Caddie: Like this year at the John Deere, he told me on Thursday. He said, "Michael, you need to yell at me." And he'll tell me that I need to, in so many words, grab him by the [he's searching for PG rated words] neck. And get his head right. He'll give me permission to.

And it's weird, like your boss is telling you to yell at him! And it's just a strange thing, but there's times when you gotta do that. You have to have faith and trust in your relationship and know he's not gonna take it personally just like when he is upset with me, I can't take it personally. And that's been something we've both made adjustments to over the past three years.

Collins: Try to put into words what it's like to be a part of history?

Caddie: [Takes a big sigh and shakes his head.] Yeah that's crazy. Three years ago I'm literally in my sixth-grade class teaching ya know? And here I am talking to you guys about my boss that's won two majors, a FedEx, and everything else.

It's, uh, ya know you can't make it too special or meaningful because you almost, you can't do your job. If you make it bigger than it is. So for me, and I think for him also, you try to almost dumb it down ... Today we said it's a marathon. And he said that Monday in the car coming over here. He said, "Ya know what? This week is just part of a marathon. And I've treated the last month like a sprint."

And today I said, "You're at the end of mile three. You've had a great mile three, but you've got 20-plus years of doing this." So as meaningful and as wonderful as it is, which it most certainly is, but in the moment you can't think like that cause you're gonna freak out.

And there's times when I do freak out and things go so fast. Like on 15 today. You're just, 'gotta 3-shot lead and four holes to go', your mind just gets [he makes a twirling gesture], you can't prep for that. Except just being in that moment. So being in all those majors, and the Ryder Cup, and Presidents Cup, being in the mix so often, it helps.