Seven-year-old, after realizing mistake, wants to return trophy

If ever your faith in sports hits a nadir, remember the name Yago Horno Mateo.

The 7-year-old won a golf tournament in Spain last Saturday by shooting 50, which is impressive in its own right. After getting home and realizing he really shot a 51 -- and his father told him that signing an incorrect scorecard is grounds for disqualification -- the young boy wanted to return the trophy, according to El Mundo.

Young Yago decided to write a letter to his local golf association explaining the situation.

So why didn't he just keep the trophy and not tell anyone?

According to a translation on the Daily Mail's website, the 7-year-old "was very worried about the reaction of others. It was a genuine mistake but he didn't want anyone to think that he was a cheat, and he really didn't want [his mother] to know," his father, Kostka Horno, said.

Not surprisingly, the boy's father has received plenty of praise for his son's actions. And the Royal Andalusia Golfing Federation spoke highly of Yago, too.

"We want to recognize this wonderful gesture of a player who, at a mere seven years of age, has proven to be a true gentleman," the federation said in a statement published on the Daily Mail's website. "He has already learnt that the most important thing golf can teach us: honesty and a respect of the rules and of your peers."

The bigger lesson here? We could all learn a few things from a 7-year-old.