The secret Luke Murray kept from 'Caddyshack' star father Bill

From comedy to coaching: Bill Murray and son Luke (3:38)

Jeff Goodman sits down with Bill Murray and his son Luke, an assistant at Xavier, to talk about their relationship. (3:38)

Perhaps he has lost total consciousness. Or maybe he's a tremendous slouch.

But if you believe him, the son of actor Bill Murray has never witnessed those famous lines uttered in the movie his dad helped make famous, "Caddyshack."

The 1980 cult classic chronicled the antics at a posh country club, where Murray's character, Carl Spackler, played the role of Bushwood Country Club greenkeeper.

And Murray's son, Luke, said in an interview with ESPN that he's never watched the movie.

Luke Murray is an assistant basketball coach for the Xavier Musketeers, who lost in the second round of the NCAA tournament to Wisconsin on a buzzer-beater on Sunday.

Asked for his favorite line from the movie, Luke said, "I've never seen it. I've heard it's good, but I've never seen it.''


Not only did Bill Murray star in the movie, but Luke's uncle Brian Doyle-Murray co-wrote it and played the role of the caddy master in the film.

Never seen "Caddyshack"?

It seems that Luke Murray is deserving of the fate that Ty Webb (actor Chevy Chase) advocated in the film.

"We have a pond in the back, but we have a pool and a pond -- pond be good for you.''