Jordan Spieth tries to help Tom Brady with his golf game

The end of NFL teams' organized team activities means coaches and players can get away from the football field before the grind of training camp starts.

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady chose to spend some of his free time Friday morning on the golf course. After an errant shot put his ball in the woods, he had an awkward angle to the hole. After his next shot, he acted as many amateur golfers are prone to do on the course and talked to his ball after contact, telling it to "curve, you son of a gun!" He was able to get it out into the fairway, but the ball did not cooperate and failed to curve as he wanted it to.

He then reached out to his friend, two-time major winner Jordan Spieth, asking on Facebook, "Hey Spieth, how do we make this son of a gun turn???" The defending FedEx Cup champion responded with a tip.

Spieth has plenty of time to help Brady this week as he and many other players are off from tournament competition in preparation for the start of the U.S. Open next week. Brady will have plenty of time to continue to work on his golf game this summer. New England Patriots training camp historically begins in late July.