Lucas Glover strains knee tendon, hopes to play Sunday

OLD WESTBURY, N.Y. -- There aren't often mid-swing injuries in professional golf, which makes what happened to Lucas Glover on Saturday so jarring.

As Glover swung at his approach shot on the final hole at The Northern Trust, his right foot slipped and he fell to the ground. He stayed down until medical personnel arrived and treated the injury, then finished the hole and received further tests after the round.

Those tests showed a strained patellar tendon and inflammation of the right knee, but no tear.

And yes, he plans to play Sunday.

"Absolutely," Glover said after a third-round 2-over 72 in the FedEx Cup opener. "A bunch of ice tonight and come out tomorrow. The guys in [the physio trailer] feel pretty comfortable I'll be able to play. Get a brace on it, and I'll be fine."

The injury looked scarier when it happened than the final diagnosis.

Standing on a side hill lie, hitting a 5-iron, Glover's foot slipped and he went down with the ball still in the air -- an uncommon occurrence on the PGA Tour.

"Just felt a little twinge; not really a pop, thankfully," he said. "Didn't think I could put weight on it at the time. So I just kind of laid down like a sack of potatoes, and once it got under me, I didn't know whether to move it or not. Still had a little pain. I just wanted somebody that knew more than me to tell me what to do. I never meant to cause any problems or that much attention, and I hated that it came to that, but I didn't know and I was kind of scared."

After holing a short putt for bogey to finish his round, Glover gingerly walked off Glen Oaks' 18th green and up the steps to the scoring area, using a wedge as a cane the entire time.

"I had not put full pressure on it, and that was kind of a test," he said of walking those stairs. "Just didn't want to do anything dumb. Luckily, doesn't sound like I could have."

Glover, who missed time five years ago with a right knee injury and has endured other similar ailments in the past, didn't seem fazed by any potential long-term effects that Saturday's incident could have.

"It was just that initial twinge and kind of sting, and then the fear is I was as scared as I was hurt," he said. "I didn't know what was going on. I didn't know if I pulled my leg out from under me, if it was going to really hurt or if it was going to pop something out of place or what. I made some practice swings out there and a few more in the locker room before I came out. I'll play. Just see what happens."

In a tweet later Saturday, Glover did apologize to playing partner Grayson Murray, as well David Lingmerth and Morgan Hoffmann, who waited out what happened and then played through them.

"I hate to think that I may have negatively affected any of my peers today by halting play because of my slip/injury," he said.

At 55th on the current FedEx Cup points list, Glover is already assured of a spot in next week's Dell Technologies Championship field, and he has an inside track on reaching the BMW Championship two weeks later.