That time Phil Mickelson tried to get a helicopter to escape traffic to get out of Guns N' Roses show

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Phil Mickelson isn't shy about flexing -- whether it's his calves or that he once threw a $100 bill at country star Jake Owen to shut him up.

Yet, making a call to get a helicopter to escape a traffic jam to get out of a Guns N' Roses concert seems a little far-fetched, right?

Except, well, that one's true, too.

In a response to a Twitter thread started by Aidan Moher asking people to tell a story that sounds like a lie but is true, @rickspeterson tells this story:

It didn't take long for Mickelson to verify.

Keep this in mind: Mickelson has made more than $90 million in career earnings on the PGA Tour. That doesn't count what he has made overseas or in endorsements. So, yeah, he has some money to try to call in a helicopter.