Bulked-up Bryson DeChambeau 2 sizes bigger after quarantine regimen

FORT WORTH, Texas -- He wanted to get bigger and stronger, and Bryson DeChambeau delivered on his pledge.

DeChambeau had plenty of time with the PGA Tour on hiatus during the coronavirus pandemic to work on his physique, a project that began late last year during his first break. Now he's so big that DeChambeau figures he's nearly 40 pounds heavier than when he left college and has gone up two sizes in his apparel.

His approach to the three months away?

"I felt like it was time to not only just sit back and enjoy life but attack life," he said Friday.

The 6-foot-1 DeChambeau heard from fans in the grandstand at a house behind the 16th tee, who he said welcomed him by saying he weighed 350 pounds.

"They were quite a bit off," he said. "I'm only 235 to 240 right now. I think when I play these next three weeks, I'll get down to 230, but my ultimate goal is to get as strong as I can, and I don't know what that weight is. I'm just going to keep proportionally making everything stronger and applying some force and speed to the golf swing to see what it can handle."

The change has caused him to adjust the lofts in some of his clubs -- he said he's down to a 5.5-degree driver and he's looking to get down to 10 degrees on his 3-wood.

"I'm producing so much spin I have to change the clubs," he said. "It's crazy."

As for the clothes, DeChambeau says he has gone from a medium at the end of last year to an extra large.