Bryson DeChambeau's second round at the Masters has a meltdown, another search party and a dragging on social media

Another day, another search party for DeChambeau's ball (0:55)

Bryson DeChambeau gets unlucky and loses his ball in the thick of the rough. He would be forced to re-tee and end up with a triple bogey. (0:55)

Another day and Bryson DeChambeau again needed a search party to find a shot at the Masters.

During his first round Thursday, DeChambeau hooked a few tee shots left, and one required a trip into some shoulder-high bushes to find his ball. It was part of an up-and-down day for the player who entered the tournament as the favorite.

Friday, on the par-4 third hole, he sent another shot left that seemed to mysteriously disappear in some deep, rain-soaked grass.

"So you're saying if we can't find it, it's a lost ball?" DeChambeau could be heard asking officials through the television microphones. That led to a rules issue and then a triple bogey on the third hole, followed by bogeys on three of the next four holes.

Golf Twitter and amateur rules experts wasted little time roasting DeChambeau for the meltdown.