Billy Horschel takes tumble before chipping out of Masters creek

Horschel ditches his shoes, slips, falls and still manages to save par from the water (1:03)

Billy Horschel goes barefoot to escape from the water on the 13th hole and goes on to save par. (1:03)

Billy Horschel has gone into the water, and onto his backside, at the Masters.

Horschel had all sorts of fun at the par-5 13th hole at Augusta National on Saturday. He sent his tee shot into the pine straw off the right of the fairway, then played his second shot into a tributary of Rae's Creek in front of the green.

This left him with two challenges: getting the ball out of the water -- and getting to the water.

Horschel removed his golf shoes and socks, rolled up the legs of his white pants to the calves and proceeded to walk barefoot down the slope toward the water.

He slipped on the grass and fell onto his butt, drawing a good laugh from the patrons -- even more so when he turned his backside toward playing partner Phil Mickelson to assess the damage.

Horschel played his third out of the water to well above the hole, put his shoes and socks back on and two-putted for par.

"So obviously that's going to be a highlight that's played on social media," Horschel said after shooting a 1-over 73 on Saturday. "Maybe the Masters will take it off. But I was hoping to make the putt so at least it would be something funny from it."

Mickelson said he was impressed that Horschel got his ball out of the water at all.

"He went in after that ball fully submerged and got that thing out," Mickelson said. "It was an incredible golf shot."

Horschel ended up barefoot again on the 13th hole Sunday after his tee shot landed in the water. But this time he advanced the ball only a few yards, not getting it back to the fairway, then tried to hack at it again from a combination of grass, mud and rocks before taking an unplayable lie and moving on.

He ultimately took a triple-bogey 8 on the hole.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.