Charlie Woods looks like he is ready to carry dad Tiger Woods again at the PNC Championship

All the attention at this year's PNC Championship will be on Tiger Woods. Sure, there will be eyes on his 12-year-old son, Charlie, who took the golf world -- and internet -- by storm a year ago at this event.

But the focus this year will, largely, be on father instead of son. Almost 10 months since Tiger Woods' single-car crash in Los Angeles that nearly cost him his leg, he returns to a golf course to play a competitive round. How will he hold up? Is his injured right leg ready for three consecutive days of golf -- one pro-am round and two competitive rounds? What will his swing speed and distance be like? Does he have the endurance?

While everyone is focused on those things, Charlie Woods will try to carry the team again. A year ago, Tiger joked that Charlie was the key player on the two-person squad, with Charlie posting his first-ever eagle and hitting quality shot after quality shot after quality shot. The team finished in a tie for seventh.

Think Charlie is ready to go this year? Take a look at what he did in Friday's pro-am.

Yeah, one more roll and that thing goes in. It'll be interesting to see what Saturday's and Sunday's competition will bring.