PGA Tour's Zach Johnson with his worst practice-swing fail yet at The Players

AP Photo/Chris Carlson

Some advice for Zach Johnson: Step away from the ball for practice swings going forward.

Johnson, who has a history of accidentally hitting the ball during practice swings, was at it again when golf resumed on Saturday at the Players. And this might have been the worst one yet.

A month ago, at the WM Phoenix Open, Johnson took a small swipe with his driver on the 17th hole and hit his ball off the tee.

This isn't the first time ... or the second ... or the third. He remembered doing it during an event in Boston and, famously, on the 13th tee at Augusta National during the final round of the 2019 Masters.

"I got an issue," he said after after incident at TPC Scottsdale.

Yes, he does.