PGA Championship 2022 - Brooks Koepka locks his keys in his car and can't get to the course on time

It happens. Even with modern cars, you can, apparently, lock the keys inside. Often at the worst times. Just ask four-time major winner Brooks Koepka.

The PGA Championship is at Southern Hill Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this week, and Koepka is a two-time winner of this major. He was due at his news conference at 10:30 a.m. local time. He loaded his car and was ready to go when he realized what had happened. His golf bag was in the trunk and his car keys were inside the vehicle.

When he finally arrived at Southern Hills, he said the fault was with Jeff Pierce, his putting coach.

"I watched him unlock the car, start the car, then he grabbed the bag, put it in the trunk, shut the trunk, and I went in and grabbed a hat, walked right out, and then the car was locked," Koepka said. "I don't know how the keys locked inside the car. It boggles me. I didn't think a car was supposed to do that, but apparently it does. That's why I'm an hour late."

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The group considered taking an Uber to the course, but realized that it wouldn't work because Koepka's clubs were still in the car. Instead, Koepka's agent contacted someone with a spare key. This continues a string of car issues, according to Koepka.

"Only me, man. It's like a theme of car troubles. Run out of gas and then this," said Koepka, who explained he ran out of gas at his home. "I'm just glad it didn't happen on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.