Seniors reach deal in principle with Golf Channel

DEARBORN, Mich. -- PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem said
Wednesday the Senior PGA Tour has reached an agreement in principle
with The Golf Channel to provide live coverage of three rounds of
at least 10 events in 2003.

The Golf Channel will also provide live coverage of the Friday
round of every tournament as PAX, which will not be part of the
broadcast package beyond this year, does now.

CNBC will continue to be a part of the tour's television deal by
carrying the tournaments the Golf Channel does not, most live. NBC
will continue to carry the same major tournaments it does now.

''We think that this relationship with the Golf Channel is a
great strategic fit,'' Finchem said Wednesday, the day before the
$2.5 million Senior Players Championship was to get under way at
the TPC of Michigan. ''We can reach an audience of passionate,
dedicated fans. It's where the core golf audience really resides.
The Golf Channel is now in over 50 million homes and growing.''

Regarding other issues, Finchem said he does not foresee adding
a commissioner exclusively for the Senior PGA Tour or changing the
age requirement below 50. He said he is proud the Senior PGA Tour
has gone over the $100 million mark in charitable donations since
its inception in 1980.