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Throughout this week, ESPN.com golf writer Jason Sobel will be live blogging from the U.S. Open, bringing you inside information and analysis from Torrey Pines. Refresh this page often to keep track of all the entries during each round. (All times are Pacific time.)

UPDATE: The live blog for Monday's 18-hole playoff with begin at 9 a.m. ET.

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6:20 p.m.: OK, that's all for today. I've got an early wake-up call tomorrow, so that we can get right back to the Playoff Live Blog. Thanks for the thousands of e-mails so far. Looking forward to even more tomorrow. Like I said, back here at 9 a.m. PT, noon ET.

Until then, hit 'em straight ...

6:18 p.m.: E-mail from Matt in Atlanta:

    Tomorrow's playoff brought to you by Advil.

Seriously, it's Rocco's back versus Tiger's knee. Last man standing wins.

6:15 p.m.: E-mail from Jeff in San Francisco:

    Does Rocco have a better chance than Jack Fleck did in '55? I say yes.

Absolutely. And you know what? Fleck beat Ben Hogan in that playoff. If he can do it, so can Rocco.

That said, I'd have to set the point spread (stroke spread?) at 1.5 for tomorrow. And big shocker, but I'm taking Tiger.

6:09 p.m.: Just spoke with my buddy Bob Smiley, who is writing a book about following Tiger all year and has only missed two of his holes so far, from Dubai to the Tavistock Cup to here. After Woods made the putt on 18, he "hugged some guy I didn't even know."

Of course, Bob had been doing that to men in the gallery throughout the round, but this one actually meant something special.

6:03 p.m.: I'm getting a lot of e-mails wanting to know why the playoff isn't taking place now and what the format is for tomorrow.

First off, this isn't something that was a last-minute decision because of darkness or anything. The USGA has always employed an 18-hole playoff on Monday to determine its U.S. Open champion. As for the format, Woods and Mediate will play 18 holes, with the best score winning the title. If they're tied after 18, it will go to sudden death.

6:01 p.m.: A few thoughts on the tying putt by Tiger ...

From Rob in Parts Unknown:

    We should all be grateful for the opportunity to witness greatness. My goodness. Unbelievable.

From Adrian in Parts Unknown:

    Tiger's putt was the biggest of career, because it was right now. The only thing that matters in sports is now.

From Dave in L.A.:

    Wow. Honestly, wow.
    That was Bird stealing the inbounds pass,
    Magic's baby hook,
    Dave Roberts stealing second and Gibson's home run all rolled into one.

5:57 p.m.: E-mail from Aaron in Toledo, Ohio:

    So do we get a playoff Live Blog tomorrow?

Absolutely. I'll start at first tee shot, which is 9 a.m. PT (noon ET). TV coverage will be on ESPN from noon to 2 p.m. ET, then NBC for the duration.

5:54 p.m.: E-mail from John in Austin, Texas:

    Tiger's outfit planner didn't have a Monday outfit on it. I bet he wears red.

Same shirt? Think they have a washing machine at his hotel?

5:52 p.m.: Tiger's putt from 12 feet ... in.

Like there was any doubt?

Tiger Woods makes ANOTHER putt for the ages, rolling it in the side door from 12 feet away to clinch a playoff with Rocco Mediate tomorrow.

There, I said it. Playoff. Playoff. Playoff.

Hey, if we've got to come back, at least Tiger Woods is in the mix.

5:51 p.m.: Biggest putt of Tiger's career? Maybe, maybe not. It's certainly up there, though.

5:50 p.m.: Biggest putt of Lee Westwood's career ... and he pushes it to the right. Ouch. Yeah, he won't have nightmares or anything about that one. A final-round 73 leaves him 1 shot back.

5:48 p.m.: Uh-oh. Does Rob's question at 5:43 p.m. mean I mentioned the p-word indirectly? I did type it with my own two fingers. May have just blog jinxed myself.

5:46 p.m.: From a great position in the fairway, Westwood can't get his to spin back. It stays about 15-20 feet above the hole. If either makes his putt, we'll be back tomorrow. If both miss, it's all Rocco.

5:45 p.m.: So much for not being able to spin it. Tiger spins one back to 12 feet. Will have that for birdie. Anyone wanna bet he won't make it? Not me.

5:43 p.m.: Good question from Rob in Dallas:

    How many people would show up for a Mediate/Westwood playoff?

Plenty of good seats still available.

5:42 p.m.: Westwood, meanwhile, knocks his second shot right down the fairway. Perfect position.

5:41 p.m.: Tiger's second shot goes into the right rough. He's not happy about it and for good reason. Gonna be tough to spin one out of there.

5:39 p.m.: Cool that two-time champion and Rocco's good buddy Lee Janzen is hanging with him in the scorer's trailer.

5:36 p.m.: Life's a beach. Lee Westwood drives into the right bunker, Tiger Woods drives into the left bunker and it looks like we'll have a couple of players laying up on the par-5 18th.

5:32 p.m.: Tiger Woods makes par at the 17th. So does Lee Westwood (great putt). Both are at even-par and 1 behind Mediate with one hole to play.

And here we go, golf fans. Eagle for either one means a U.S. Open title. Birdie means a p-word tomorrow. And a pair of pars means Rocco Mediate is the oldest U.S. Open champion in history.

5:29 p.m.: And he does. Mediate taps in for par. You've gotta think he's either going to have his name on the U.S. Open trophy pretty soon or he'll be coming back here tomorrow. Either way, that's a pretty gutsy 71 he just shot.

5:28 p.m.: Rocco misses the long birdie attempt, should be able to clean up for par.

If so, he'll be the clubhouse leader at 1-under. First player to break par at the Open since 2004.

5:25 p.m.: Mediate's third shot on 18 finds the back of the green. He'll have a putt of some 30-35 feet for birdie.

5:21 p.m.: E-mail from my buddy Brian in South Carolina:

    I'm starting to get worried for ya. Hate to say it, but I think you might need to call your travel agent.

Shhhh. Just repeat after me: "No p-word ... no p-word ... no p-word ..."

5:19 p.m.: Look, a professional golfer in contention to win a tournament never wants to hit a tee shot in the rough, but I can't imagine Rocco Mediate is too unhappy about doing so on 18. Now he has no choice but to lay up short of Devlin's Billabong rather than possibly attempting to carry it in 2.

5:17 p.m.: Woods and Westwood each make par on 16. Both 1 back with two to play.

5:14 p.m.: E-mail from Nate in Georgia:

    When was the last time a sectional qualifier has won a U.S. Open?

Wasn't that long ago, actually. In 2005, Michael Campbell made it through international qualifying in Europe. As for a player who qualified through a U.S.-based sectional, you have to go back to Steve Jones in 1996. Mediate would be yet another qualifier to win, if he hangs on.

Meanwhile, Rocco blows his birdie putt past the hole on 17. Leaves a little meat on the bone, but cleans up for par.

5:11 p.m.: Westwood's shot is followed by Mediate's second onto the green at 17. Tiger then finds the rough short and left at 16. He's running out of holes to make a run at this thing.

Then again, we've been talking all week about how crucial that par-5 18th hole could be on Sunday. No player has made a birdie on the 72nd hole of a U.S. Open to win by 1 since Bobby Jones in 1926. That could change in the next 20-30 minutes.

5:09 p.m.: Oh, by the way ... Lee Westwood only 1 stroke back and he's on the green on 16.

5:06 p.m.: I know I hadn't heard much about Mediate's play so far this season, but wow -- until his last event before the Open he was pretty dreadful. In his first 15 starts of the season, Rocco made only seven cuts with a best result of T-36 at Harbour Town before taking a share of sixth at the Memorial Tournament.

Once again, Rocco is in the fairway on 17.

5:03 p.m.: Just looking back at the end of my 4:09 p.m. post, when I suggested that Woods would go birdie-birdie on 13 and 14, but instead went bogey-par ... could this be where he lost the Open? If so, he'll be kicking himself -- especially for the second shot on 13 -- for a long time.

After Rocco makes par on 16, Tiger barely misses on 15. And once again, Mediate leads by 1.

5:01 p.m.: Rocco chips to within 4 feet of the hole. Tiger thrashes one out to about 10 feet. Each has that left for par.

Advantage: Rocco.

4:56 p.m.: Rocco Mediate's tee shot on 16 looks great, but hops right past the pin and into the thick stuff behind the green. One minute later, pushes his second shot into the rough on 15.

Advantage: Push.

4:44 p.m.: If Tiger doesn't win, one of the first questions he'll be asked is about why he decided to lay up on the par-4 14th, which is playing 267 yards today. Instead, Woods hits iron off the tee, second onto the green and 2-putts for a routine par, rather than giving himself a chance at birdie by going for the green.

When he pulled iron on the tee, I didn't think it was a terrible decision -- remember, he made the opposite call on 17 at Oakmont last year and was criticized for that, too -- but he'll be second-guessed in retrospect.

4:36 p.m.: E-mail from Simon in New Zealand:

    If the impossible occurred and Rocco won, would that get him onto the Ryder Cup team?

Yes. U.S. captain Paul Azinger has basically said that any American major champion, even if he doesn't make the team based on points, will be on the roster. That said, with double points here at the Open, it looks like he'd move up from 92nd (his current position, behind the likes of Shane Bertsch, Ken Duke, Chez Reavie, Michael Letzig, Marco Dawson and my man Roland Thatcher) to -- according to current calculations -- sixth on the points list. With that, he'd pass ... wait for it ... Kenny Perry, who decided that at age 47 he didn't want to even try to qualify for the Open because he wanted to rest up and focus on making the team through other regular season events.

5:33 p.m.: Fast and furious action ...

First, Rocco Mediate makes birdie on the short par-4 14th to move to 2-under.

Then Lee Westwood nearly holes a par putt from off the green, but settles for bogey.

And Tiger Woods follows with a bogey of his own. As Bob Harig just told me, this is the first time he has ever bogeyed the 13th hole in his professional career. Picked a pretty bad time for it.

Your new leader is none other than 45-year-old Rocco Mediate, up 1 with four to play.

4:29 p.m.: So much for capitalizing on the par-5. Woods takes a drop and hits his fourth shot onto the green, while Westwood does the same exact thing and hits through the green. Anything you can do, I can do worse ...

4:21 p.m.: E-mail from Scott from Campbell's Pedorthics & Shoes in Virginia:

    I was saying to my family that he should take the spikes out of the heel in his left shoe to allow the heel to pivot as he comes through on his followthrough. Looks like he came to the same conclusion only in a different way.

I know Woods has received therapy for the injury throughout this week and I've got to think they reviewed every possibility for relieving stress from the knee. I'd love to know if this idea was ever broached.

Meanwhile, Woods pulled his second shot on the par-5 13th hole way left. Gonna take a mini-miracle to make birdie from the thick stuff over there.

4:16 p.m.: E-mail from Jim in Parts Unknown:

    If Tiger wins this, you have to question how much his knee is truely hurting.
    Could be a tactical ploy for future majors. Unstoppable when healthy ... has surgery ... plays "hurt" ... still wins ... continues to unnerve and strike fear in any and all competitors that wish to enter the ring at some point in the future. Brilliant strategy if it's true.

I read some of the user comments to our stories yesterday suggesting a similar notion. All I can tell you is that, quite frankly, this is the dumbest conspiracy theory since the idea that we never really landed on the moon back in 1969. You really think Woods would be wincing in pain if he wasn't actually, you know, in pain? You couldn't be further off on this one. Just not even close.

4:14 p.m.: Rocco Mediate misses a very makeable birdie putt on 13, settles for par to remain at 1-under.

4:09 p.m.: Interesting observation from John in Poulsbo, Wash.:

    It looks like Tiger has made an adjustment that will lead him to victory. He is lifting up his left heel on impact to relieve the torsional stress on that knee. He has a couple of birdies and a near miss since he has started doing this and I have not seen a significant grimace in a while.

Let's keep an eye on that left heel the next time he swings. As for the grimace, you're right; haven't seen any outward display of pain in about six holes or so. Just proves that birdies are the best medicine.

Tiger 2-putts for his par on 12, but I think the next two holes could be where he starts to put a little cushion between himself and the others.

4:04 p.m.: Good point from Ben in Purgatory ("Lost" reference?):

    Three days in a row Tiger's been 3-over on his front nine. He's recovered well the other two days!

Tiger doesn't like his approach on 12, but you know he's feeling better when he doesn't like it and still finds the front of the green. He'll have about a 25-footer for birdie. Even if he misses, you know he's got to be thinking birdie-birdie on 13 and 14, which could give him a lead of 3-4 strokes entering the final four holes.

3:59 p.m.: E-mail from Dr. Mathew right nearby:

    I am working right now in the hospital next door to Torrey Pines, and even the patients are excited by this tournament. As I was standing outside our hospital, along the ninth fairway, someone walked by and snickered, "How much are those seats?" Ten years of med school residency and fellowship, buddy!!

See, and you thought U.S. Open tickets were tough to come by.

3:57 p.m.: Tiger Woods calmly knocks in the birdie and we have a new solo leader. Woods moves to 2-under, 1 clear of Lee Westwood and Rocco Mediate. With two par-5s and a reachable par-4 (the 14th, which about 75 percent of players are going for off the tee) remaining, is this thing all but over?

Maybe not, but it's Tiger's to lose right now.

3:54 p.m.: Kick-in sandy for Westy at 11, but it may not be enough to hold on to a share of the lead.

3:50 p.m.: After Lee Westwood's bogey on 10, we have a three-way tie for the lead ... but maybe not for long.

Tiger Woods hits his tee shot on 11 to within a few feet and Westwood misses the green. Could be a huge swing coming up.

3:38 p.m.: SportsCenter interview. Back in a few ...

3:31 p.m.: Tiger Woods makes a ho-hum birdie at No. 9 by lagging his eagle putt to a foot. That's followed by Westwood getting up and down from the bunker for birdie and then Rocco Mediate makes birdie on 10. All of a sudden this thing's turned into a birdie-fest, huh?

3:28 p..m: As Rob from Dallas notes:

    Geoff Ogilvy Blog Jinx No. 2 today with the bogey on 9.

That is true. Every time I mention him, he falls right back.

3:25 p.m.: Very interesting question from Stat in Tampa, Fla.:

    Just wondering, but do you think the collective groan grows louder and louder as the reps for the Buick Open and AT&T National grip their seats, eyes squinting, in fear of their cash cow going bye-bye everytime Tiger dips?

Absolutely. Even though Woods has already committed to the Buick in two weeks, I'd say chances are slim and none that he'll actually show -- and slim is hobbling on one knee. He'd love to play in his own AT&T event in D.C., but that may take a backseat, too, if it means holding off until next month's British Open?

Meanwhile, Tiger pipes his second shot on 9. He's on the green in 2 and looking at yet another eagle opportunity.

3:19 p.m.: Best drive of the day for Tiger at No. 9. Even though he's 3-over for the round, Woods is coming to his first par-5 hole right now. We all know how he's dominated par-5s throughout his career -- he's played them in a collective 8-under-par so far this week -- so this may be where he gets himself right back on top of the leaderboard.

3:17 p.m.: I've had plenty of people mention this in e-mails already, but Robert Karlsson is wearing the exact same black hat/red shirt/back pants combo as Tiger today. That begs the question: Who in their right mind would get into contention for the same title as Woods and decide to wear red on a Sunday? Luke Donald did this at Medinah a few years ago -- in the same pairing as Woods, no less -- and didn't come close to winning. Just a bad idea all around. Like wearing the wrong gang colors into the wrong neighborhood.

3:15 p.m.: Well, I know I said Lee Westwood should be happy to keep posting pars, but that doesn't mean he should start missing 5-foot birdie putts. There are obviously good pars and bad pars and Westwood's miss on No. 8 was a very bad par. Then again, it keeps him in the lead at 1-under.

3:13 p.m.: Looks like another par save for Tiger. Throw a dot on the card for his sandy at No. 8 to stay at even-par.

3:10 p.m.: E-mail from Mike in San Jose, Calif.:

    Is Tiger using -- or is he prohibited from using by the Rules of Golf -- any knee brace (like a football lineman) or Ace-bandage-type wrap to alleviate stress on his left knee?

He is not prohibited from using anything like this, but Tiger has maintained that he is not using a brace or bandage this week.

3:07 p.m.: The old adage may still apply at this year's Open: He who makes the most pars wins. Lee Westwood entered the day leading the field with 42 pars and has made six straight following his opening-hole bogey.

This ain't the Bob Hope Classic. Pars are good. Pars are gold. Especially when you're in the lead.

2:58 p.m.: Watch out for Ernie Els. He's 1-under for the day through 11 holes and 2-over for the tournament. If he can post a number and get into the clubhouse, he could be in the mix for his third career Open victory.

2:48 p.m.: Geoff Ogilvy makes birdie at No. 7 to move to even-par for the tournament. Meanwhile, Carl Pettersson shouldn't go anywhere for a while. At 3-over, he's 4 behind Westwood, but the current clubhouse leader. I don't think it will be good enough, but stranger things have happened.

2:42 p.m.: Woods finds the fairway with his drive on No. 6 ... but also finds more pain. Barely looks like he can bend over to pick up his tee right now.

Just remember, I wrote this yesterday, in which I reminded everyone that this tournament may not end for Tiger today. If he has to go 18 more tomorrow? You've got to wonder at what point he just can't do it.

2:39 p.m.: After opening with a double and a bogey, Tiger Woods has got the wheels firmly back in place (as in, the wheels came off earlier, but now they're on) with three straight pars. And you know what? He just might take 13 more and take his chances. Entering the day, I would have said a 3-over 74 would have meant death for Tiger's chances, but now it could be enough.

2:32 p.m.: On-course spy report from my man Spads:

    Overheard someone in the gallery near the fourth fairway say to his wife, "See that guy in the red shirt and black pants? That's Tiger Woods."

Yup, that's right, folks. While you sit at home watching on TV, she has your ticket!

2:25 p.m.: SportsCenter interview. Back in a few ...

2:17 p.m.: Big putt for par from Rocco Mediate on 5 ... and he misses. He falls to 1-under.

Remember all of those players who predicted prior to the tournament that the winning score would definitely be under par? That's not looking like such a lock anymore. In fact, a score of 285 -- which won each of the last two Opens, both of which were played on par-70 courses -- may be enough to get it done once again.

2:16 p.m.: Geoff Ogilvy goes bogey-birdie on Nos. 4 and 5. He's back to 1-over, very much in the thick of things.

2:12 p.m.: Spoke with my dad this morning. (Happy Father's Day. Even though I said it already.) He said he's rooting for Rocco Mediate to win because he likes his sunglasses. In fact, last year my dad went to the optometrist and asked if he could get him the very same frames as Rocco. How did it work out? Let's just say the optometrist wasn't much of a golf fan.

By the way, Rocco and his sunglasses are at 2-under, 1 up on Lee Westwood.

2:05 p.m.: Tiger Woods follows his double-bogey with a bogey, so uh, he's getting better, at least.

Gotta wonder, at what point does Steve Williams just say, "Hop on my back and I'll carry you down the fairway, Byron Leftwich style"?

1:58 p.m.: ESPNEWS interview. Back in a few ...

1:50 p.m.: Woods hits his tee shot on No. 2 to the right rough and actually doubles over in pain afterward. We didn't see this type of look on his face until the 15th hole yesterday, but with 16½ holes still to play, this is a very, very bad sign.

Meanwhile, Rocco Mediate is 1-under for the day and now leads the tourney by 1 over Tiger and Lee Westwood.

1:47 p.m.: Tiger has now double-bogeyed the first hole for the third time in four days. I wonder if this has less to do with the difficulty of the hole and more to do with Woods getting off to a slow start each round. Each of the three doubles came when he played it as his first hole of the day; in the second round, when he played the back nine first, he made birdie. Woods has now played his opening hole of the day in 7-over-par for the week.

1:43 p.m.: Tiger's third shot hits a tree branch and falls straight down in the rough. As my friend the Angry Golfer said recently, "I'd like a word with the guy who came up with the idea that trees are 90 percent air. The sky is 90 percent air. Trees are 59 percent trouble, 24 percent mystery and 17 percent heartbreak."

For good measure -- or bad measure -- the fourth shot falls short of the green, as well.

1:38 p.m.: After spending a few eons standing over his second shot from the way left, Woods doesn't catch much of it and leaves it in the gallery on the same side. Yikes. Another double on the way?

As an aside, who are these people that see a wayward shot find the wrong side of the ropes and run to the ball? It's just a golf ball, folks. No point in standing over it and examining it; you're just going to have to move anyway. I think these are the same people who stand less than an inch away from the baggage claim while waiting for their luggage at the airport. If we all took a few steps back, wouldn't we all be a lot better off?

1:32 p.m.: Tiger's first drive of the day ... goes so far left he even misses the overflowing gallery. He struggled off the tee throughout yesterday's round and it looks like that's carrying over to today, too.

This is a hole on which Woods has made two double-bogeys already this week, so it will be interesting to see if he can scramble from there.

1:28 p.m.: You may remember Robert Karlsson from such pairings as yesterday's second-to-last with Tiger Woods. He faded with a third-round 75, but just birdied No. 3 to move to 1-over, in a share of fourth place. Out of it? Maybe. Maybe not.

1:24 p.m.: E-mail from Jim in Parts Unknown:

    I haven't heard anyone bring this up, which could mean that it is a non-issue, but is there a potential for long term damage to Tiger's knee by putting this much stress on it this early? Asked another way, is he exchanging an Open win but sacrificing future possible victories?

It's a very valid question and one I'm probably not necessarily suited to answer, considering I fell about eight years short of earning my medical degree. Would love to hear from someone with more knowledge of this specific injury and its long-term effects, if anyone's out there.

1:18 p.m.: I wrote it yesterday and I'll write it again today: Today's telecast of the U.S. Open final round ... in prime time for much of the country ... with Tiger Woods in the lead ... on a gimpy knee ... will be the highest-rated single-round telecast in the history of golf, surpassing Woods' victory at the 1997 Masters.

Earlier in the week, I wrote that if the final round featured Tiger Woods and some type of entertainment and drama, it would get killer ratings and prompt the USGA to look at keeping the Open on the West Coast more often in the future. This should pretty much clinch that, huh?

1:10 p.m.: First e-mail of the day from Bo in Philly:

    In case you missed it, Tiger Woods' knee hurts. He had surgery eight weeks ago. Really. But contrary to widespread belief, it wasn't an amputation. While I want Tiger to win and while I think Tiger will have done something rather special to have won, I don't really think this is remotely comparable to playing a contact sport while injured. He isn't Willis Reed.
    He's a golfer with a sore knee. It'll be impressive if he wins. A little more impressive than if he were healthy and he won.

Not buying it. Just because he doesn't have guys boxing him out or diving at his knees doesn't mean playing with this injury isn't just as impressive.

And by the way, I have confirmation that Tiger did not pull a Ronnie Lott today. No amputation. The leg is still there.

1:03 p.m.: Bad news for Tiger: There are some good scores to be had out here today. Already, Heath Slocum has posted a 65 -- the lowest score at an Open since 2003 -- and 13 others are under par for the day.

So why is that bad news for Tiger? Because it means a round of even-par or maybe another 1-under 70 might not be good enough to win this thing outright today. Just throwing it out there ...

1:00 p.m.: Welcome back to Round 4 of the U.S. Open Live Blog. One day after Tiger Woods lit this place on fire, the only question, to borrow a phrase from Phil Mickelson's promos, is: What will Tiger do next?

I mean, asking Woods to follow up yesterday's two eagles and a chip-in birdie on his final six holes must be akin to having attended a Beethoven concert and watching him play the 5th Symphony prior to the encore. Can he actually improve upon the performance or will we only be left disappointed?

A few other thoughts on Tiger entering his round, which begins in 30 minutes:

As Andy North said on ESPN's TV coverage, Woods' knee will only be a factor if it starts hurting him during impact rather than just afterward. Tiger has the innate ability to "stick with his swing" even when he knows there are repercussions, like potential pain right after the shot. (Remember his shot from behind a tree on No. 11 during the final round of last year's Masters? He shattered the shaft of his 4-iron against the tree, but was able to still make a full swing without thinking about the aftereffects. Not many players can do that.)

Woods hasn't won a U.S. Open title since his father passed away two years ago. Don't underestimate the emotional impact of a win for Earl on Father's Day, while Tiger also celebrates his first as a dad. If that provides him even a little more motivation, it could make all the difference.

Yesterday's round? The most compelling six-hole stretch of Tiger's career. And the greatest round of 70 in the history of golf. If he doesn't seal the deal today, though, it means very little. If Michael Jordan's flu game during the 1997 NBA Finals was followed by a Utah Jazz series win or Kirk Gibson's pinch-hit home run in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series only served as a precursor to an Oakland A's championship, history wouldn't remember them as such great feats. Same goes for Woods.

With that, let's get going. You know the drill. Click the refresh button like crazy and hit me with e-mails throughout the round at the above address. I'll be here all day ...

Jason Sobel covers golf for ESPN.com. He can be reached at usopenblog@gmail.com.