Elite 24: America's playground legends

America's Playground Legends

Of course, New York and California are not the only places where playground legends are born and created.

Chicago and Detroit have playground cultures that rival anything you'll see in the Big Apple and the streetball rivalry between Baltimore and Washington, D.C. is a fierce as it gets. No blood, no foul!

Other cities might not have the reputation of the NYC, but nearly every major city in the country has at least one player considered its "playground legend" or "the man."

MLB and the NFL also have their fair share of athletes with a bit of playground swagger.

Who reps the hardest in your city?


Bernard "Tee" Tittle

Anthony Carter, Crim

Phillip "Hot Sauce" Champion

Mark "The Franchise" Strickland, McNair

Robert "50" Martin


Michael Lloyd, Dunbar

Allen "Skip" Wise, Dunbar

Andre "Silk" Poole, Patterson


Billy "The Kid" Harris, Dunbar

Ronnie Fields, Farragut

Ben "Benji" Wilson, Simeon

Lamar "Rainman" Mundane aka "Money", Marshall

Eddie Hughes, Austin

Arthur Sivels, Phillips

Art Hicks

Isaiah "Tuss" Thomas, St. Joseph's

Mark "Drawers" Aguirre, Westinghouse

Ralph "Sky" Walker

Cazzie Russell, Carver

Marcus Liberty, Crane/M.L. King

Norm "Skip" Dillard, Westinghouse

Eddie "Piggy" Johnson, Westinghouse

Antoine "Flash" Howard

Ricky Green, Hirsch Metro

Art Weathersby, Wells/DuSable

Maurice "Bo" Ellis, Parker

Flynn "Electric Eye" Robinson, Elgin

Jamie Brandon, M.L. King

Richard Bradshaw

Kevin Porter, DuSable

Jerome "Hook" Freeman

Andre Wakefield, Crane

Paul McPherson, South Shore

Darrell Walker, Corliss

Efrem Winters, M.L. King

Bernard Randolph


Curtis "CJ" Jones, Northwestern

Antoine "The Judge" Joubert, Southwestern

Alvin "Bo" Dukes

George "Iceman" Gervin, M.L. King

Spencer Haywood, Pershing

Robert "Bubbles" Hawkins, Pershing

Bobby Joe Hill, Highland Park

Anderson Hunt, Southwestern

Reggie "Spook" Harding, Moore/Eastern

Cliff "Chain" Williams, Southwestern

David "Smokey" Gaines, Northeastern

Fred Smiley, Inkster

Lorenzo Orr, Pershing

Roy Marble, Beecher (Flint)

Anthony Pendleton, Northwestern (Flint)

Terry Furlow, Northern

Shawn Respert, Bishop Borgess

Eric Turner, Central (Flint)

Bobby "Showboat" Hall, Miller

Fred Cofield, Ypsilanti

Edgar Merchant, Northeastern

Roy Tarpley, Cooley


Jimmie "Snap" Hunter

Bobby "Bingo" Smith, Melrose

Keith Lee, West Memphis

Andre Turner, Mitchell

Johnny Neumann, Overton

Michael "Wild Thing" Wilson, Melrose


Waliyy "Main Event" Dixon

John Shumate, Jefferson (Elizabeth)

Les "Pee Wee" Cason, East Rutherford (East Rutherford)

Willie "Hollywood" Glass, Atlantic City (Atlantic City)

Bill "Poodle" Willoughby, Morrow (Englewood)


Earl "The Pearl" Monroe aka "Black Jesus", Bartram

Wilt "Dipper" Chamberlain, Overbrook

Bryant "Sad Eye" Watson, Ben Franklin

Gene "Tinkerbell" Banks, West Philadelphia

Lewis "Black Magic" Lloyd, Overbrook

Guy Rodgers, Northeast

Lionel "L-Train" Simmons, Southern

Brian Shorter, Simon Gratz

Greg "Bo" Kimble, Dobbins Tech

Eric "Hank" Gathers, Dobbins Tech

Clarence "Eggy" Tillman, West Philadelphia

Rico Washington, Frankford/Ben Franklin

Jerome "Pooh" Allen, Episcopal Academy

Ray "Chink" Scott, West Philadelphia

Aaron "AO" Owens, Simon Gratz

Darin "Munchy" Mason, Mastbaum

Jim "Tee" Parham, Northeast

William "Sonny" Hill, Northeast

Shawn "Reds" Smith, Simon Gratz

Darryl "City Lights" Warrick, West Philadelphia

Darrell "Heat" Gates, Dobbins Tech

Doug Overton, Dobbins Tech

John Chaney, Ben Franklin

Cuttino "Cat" Mobley, Dougherty

Aaron McKie, Simon Gratz

Larry Stewart/Dobbins Tech

Jerome "Pooh" Richardson, Ben Franklin


Bruce Atkins

Sam Clancy


Dwayne "Legend" Rogers, Francis Scott Key (Houston)

Lawrence "Doc" Castle (Houston)

LaBradford Smith (Bay City)

Charles "Tex" Harrison, Wheatley (Houston)


Richard Dumas, B.T. Washington (Tulsa, Okla.)

Marques Haynes, B.T. Washington (Tulsa, Okla.)

Ed Ratleff, East (Columbus, Ohio)

Rex "Boy King" Chapman, Apollo (Owensboro, Ky.)

Oscar "Big O" Robertson, Crispus Attucks (Indianapolis, Ind.)

"Wee" Willie Gardner, Crispus Attucks (Indianapolis, Ind.)

Bobby Joe Mason, Centralia (Centralia, Ill.)


James "Radar" Allen aka "Arkansas Red" (Florida)

Booker T. Washington (Alabama)

Willie Bland (Louisiana)

Harry Davis (Durham, N.C.)

Allen "The Answer" Iverson (Hampton, Va.)

Eric "Sleepy" Floyd (Gastonia, N.C.)

Kevin Magee (Magnolia, Miss.)

Louis "One and Only" Williams (Mississippi)

William Moody (Florida)


Willie Jones, Dunbar

Curt "Trouble" Smith, Coolidge

Steve "Franchise" Francis, Montgomery Blair

Dave Bing, Spingarn

Greg "Killer Cross" Jones, Cardozo

Sleepy Harrison

Delonte "Nut" Taylor

Elgin Baylor, Phelps Vocational/Spingarn

Michael Graham, Spingarn

Earl "Pep" Tyson, Dunbar

Sherman Douglass, Spingarn

Lonnie "Prime Objective" Harrell

Michael "The Thrill" Gill, Dunbar

Ollie Johnson, Spingarn

"Mr. Exciting" Exree Hipp, Harker Prep

Johnny "Ace" Rhodes, Dunbar


Andre "Spiderman" Rison

Jim Brown

Tony Gonzalez

Willie McGinest

LaVarr Arrington

Reggie Rodgers

Donovan McNabb

Randy "The Freak" Moss

Junior Seau

Chris Claiborne

Terrell Owens

Deon Figures


Bob Gibson

"Big" Dave Winfield

Delino DeShields

Frank Robinson

Kenny Lofton

Frank Tanana

Eric "The Red" Davis

Darryl "Straw" Strawberry

Tony "The Tiger" Clark

Lee Smith

Reece "Goose" Tatum

Ferguson Jenkins

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