Elite 24: NYC legends

Naming an all-time Elite 24 that rolled through Rucker was darn near impossible. In its heyday from the late 50s though early 80s, the best playground competition was definitely played in the boroughs of the Big Apple.

With that in mind, here is an extensive list of playground legends, including many who shined at Rucker, that excelled throughout New York's endless list of parks and playgrounds.

Going over this list, heaven is indeed a playground.


Richie "The Animal" Adams, Ben Franklin '80

Jim Bostic, Gorton '71

Mark "D.O.C." Brown, FES Academy

Chris Brooks, Gomphers/Oak Hill Academy '86

Charlie Criss, Yonkers '67

Russ Cunningham, Commerce '56

Dana "The Show" Dingle, St. Raymond's '92

"Jumping" Artie Green, Taft '77

John "High Octane" Harvey, Christopher Columbus '97

Tom Henderson, De Witt Clinton '69

Alfred "Butch" Lee, De Witt Clinton '74

Ron "The Terminator" Matthias, Evander Childs '83

Malloy "Future" Nesmith, Monroe '88

Earvin "I'll Be Right Back" Opong, Columbus '99

Curtis "Cornbread" Phauls, Taft '77

Calvin "Cal" Ramsey, Commerce '55

Paul "Pablo" Robertson, De Witt Clinton '61

Steve Sheppard, De Witt Clinton '73

Rod "Hot Rod" Strickland, Harry Truman/Oak Hill Academy '85

Adrian "Whole Lotta Game" Walton, Bronx Regional '01

Shane "The Dribbling Machine" Woney, Salesian '94


Derrick Brown, Grady '92

Roger Brown, Wingate '60

Lloyd "Swee' Pea" Daniels, Jefferson/Laurinburg Institute/Jackson (Queens) '86

Mel "Trick" Davis aka "Killer", Boys '69

Mike "Crusher" Davis, Eastern District '64

Ernie Douse, Boys '71

Lloyd "World B" Free, Canarsie '72

Sidney Green, Jefferson '79

Sihugo Green, Boys '52

Vaughn Harper, Boys '63

Anthony "Biz" Heyward aka "Half Man, Half Amazing"

Rigo Hill, Grady '79

Lamont "I Am My Brother's Keeper" Jones, Brooklyn Tech '90

Charles "CJ" Jones, Bishop Ford '93

Shamel Jones, Paul Robeson '96

Albert King, Fort Hamilton '77

Stephon "The Handler" Marbury, Lincoln '95

Danny Odums, Erasmus Hall '72

Lawrence "Future" Pollard, Boys & Girls '90

Curtis Redding, Canarsie '76

Jerry "Ice" Reynolds, Alexander Hamilton '81

Jack "Water" Ryan aka "Black Jack", John Jay '81

Wiiliam "GE" Sanders aka "Junie", John Jay '90

Carey Scurry, Alexander Hamilton '81

Phil "The Thrill" Sellers, Jefferson '72

Ed "Czar" Simmons, Boys '57

Ed "Booger" Smith, Westinghouse '92

George "Tip" Thompson, Erasmus Hall '65

Jamaal "Mel, Mel The Abuser" Tinsley, Tilden '96

Dwayne "Pearl" Washington, Boys & Girls '83

Lenny Wilkins, Boys '56


Walter "The Truth" Berry, Ben Franklin '82

Steve "All Day" Burtt, Charles Evans Hughes '83

Steve "The Saga Continues" Burtt Jr., Rice '02

Mario "Jedi" Elie, Power Memorial '81

Tyron "Alimoe" Evans, aka "The Black Widow"

Reggie "High Five" Freeman, Rice '93

William "Pop" Gates, Ben Franklin '38

Tim "Headache" Gittens, Manhattan Center '94

Robert "Master Rob" Hockett

Kenny Hutchinson, Ben Franklin/MLK '83

Seth "Up North" Marshall

Willis Reed, West Side (Lillie, La.) '60

Thomas "Satch" Sanders, Seward Park '57

Kenny Satterfield aka "Serious Satellite", Rice '99

Eric Singleton, Ben Franklin/Oak Hill Academy/MLK'84

Gary Springer, Ben Franklin '80

Gerald "Dancing Doogie" Thomas, Ben Franklin '80

Issac "Rabbit" Walthour, Ben Franklin '46

Harthorne "Wingy" Wingo, Tyron (Tyron, N.C.) '66


Kenny "Chibbs" Anderson, Archbishop Malloy '89

Ron "The True Warrior" Artest, La Salle Academy '97

Tony "Red" Bruin, Mater Christi '79

Jamal Faulkner, Christ The King '89

Greg "Boo" Harvey, Jackson '85

William "Smush" Parker, Newtown '99

Jermaine "Sunshine" Smith, Christ The King/Oak Hill Academy '93

Sham "God" Wells, La Salle Academy '95

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