Most memorable Elite 24 nicknames

The highest honor you can earn on the playground is copping a nickname.

With help from Bobbito Garcia, aka Kool Bob Love, EJ Da Mayor, JC The MouthPiece and Jay Corbin, we've gotten some great ones. It won't be easy for ballers to crack this list in the future, but look for some of this year's talent to earn an enduring nickname.

Below are Bobbito's 15 most memorable handles to date. Which is your favorite?

1. Kyle Wiltjer aka "The Water Fountain"

2. Lance Stephenson aka "Born Ready"

3. Kyle Singler aka "Wireless" aka "Shampoo" aka "The Wig"

4. Tyreke Evans aka "Reke Havoc"

5. Kevin Love aka "Kevlar"

6. Quddus Bello aka "The First Airbender"

7. Austin Rivers aka "The Medic"

8. Maalik Wayns aka "'Lik 'Lik So Unique"

9. "Make 'em Fall" John Wall aka "Ammo"

10. Roscoe Smith aka "Sco' The Show"

11. Dion Waiters aka "Fresh Pepper"

12. Dominic Cheek aka "Peek-a-boo"

13. Tobias Harris aka "Nobody's Smiling"

14. LaQuinton Ross aka "Bag of Ice"

15. Doron Lamb aka "Smooth Criminal"

This year's Elite 24 takes place at 4 p.m. ET Aug. 27 at Venice Beach, Calif.