Kelsey Mitchell

Kelsey Mitchell

Point Guard

CLASS: 2014



  • Cincinnati, OHHometown
  • Princeton High School
  • 5-8Height
  • Weight
  • 5Overall Rank
  • 2Position Rank
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ESPN Player Evaluations

Nike Nationals-July 2013: Smooth left-handed lead guard with a high-powered scorer's mentality; capable and confident of carrying team offensively; streaky deep range complemented by mid-range attack; superb body control finishes to rim; the nation's elite combo-guard in the Class of 2014; impacts early collegiately. (Olson)

PSB Summer Invitational-July '12: A brilliant offensive performance, culminated in the championship game with an exhausted Mitchell willing her team to victory behind 31 points and several assists. She continues to grow in the mental parts of the game, finding ways to use her star power to get teammates easy looks. We often focus on her offense because of her range, quick trigger and ability to score off the dribble, but she is also a quality defender. She showed instincts in passing lanes that provided a catalyst to many a transition bucket. (Hansen)

Midwest Showdown-May '12: Mitchell was on point all weekend long putting on a show for the hometown crowd out in full force to support the nation's No. 1 ranked prospect. She went to work on Sunday making a pass to Taylor Agler on the fast break reminiscent of those on the And1 Mixtape videos. Agler finished the basket and the crowd went crazy. Mitchell has really worked on her ability to make shots off the catch or off the dribble. As a result, it is becoming that much harder for defenses to contain her. That's never good news for the competition. (Clay)

Nike Nationals-July 11: Locked up her spot as one of the top players in the 2014 class with consistent and explosive performances. Scored off penetration, pull ups and the three. Her step back creates enough space to get off the jumper at will and she'll use it out to the arch. Made some sharp inside passes as defenses focused on taking away her own options. The most impressive thing she demonstrated was an ability to learn. She got a wake up call against DFW's ultra talented backcourt and came back the next game with a confident and stepped up performance. Her effort at the defensive end has the potential to be equal to her offensive out put with continued focus. (Lewis)

USAB U16 Trials-May 11: Possibly the biggest surprise was the early departure of this dynamic and attacking athlete. She seemed to get to the rim with ease but had the stroke and range to keep defenders on their toes from the time she crossed halfcourt. Her ability to navigate traffic inside got her good looks inside though she did struggle at times getting them to go down. Her change of speed and change of direction may be equal to anyone in the class and would bring even the best defender out of her stance. The perimeter shot is a true jumper with impressive elevation. What Mitchell may need to do at this point is to find the best way to make the players around her better now that she's drawing so much attention her own attack. Her passing is more than adept both on the break and off penetration and she's more than willing to give it up. The disappointment should do nothing but motivate her to take things to the next level. (Lewis)

One of the most talented players in high school basketball - her game is smooth and easy. She can create her own shot from anywhere on the floor and she is a tremendous passer, especially in transition. (Bodine)

Classic in the Country-Jan. 11: Yes, we just wrote her up a few weeks ago, and yes, her play in Berlin warrants mentioning her again. In a surprisingly easy win over a Midpark team featuring Rachel Theriot and Therany Dunnigan, the 5-foot-7 guard caught the attention of every individual in the building, including several recruiters who had yet to see her play. Of course, shooting 10 of 20 from the floor, including 5 of 9 from three-point range, and going 7 for 7 from the line tends to do that. She did all this in 24 minutes, sitting most of the second quarter and a minute at the end of the game. Her explosive offensive play is versatile and difficult to defend no matter what approach you take. She has sharp, quick ballhandling skills that allow her to create at will. She'll shoot you out of a zone and in man-to- man it's almost impossible to stay in front of her. Even if you do, her step back delivers good looks for her all the way out past the arch. At the other end of the floor, she is assertive defensively and quick to make a play in helpside or on a bad pass. She's focused and team-oriented, which is a rare trait and something that can be key to her long-term success at Princeton and beyond. (Lewis)

Braggin' Rights-Dec. 10: You can't have a conversation about Jordin Canada, Mikayla Venson or any of the other 2014 standouts and not include this 5-7 combo guard. Her individual skills are not just impressive for her age, they're sharp and effective at any level. The left-hander can leave defenders scratching their head as they find themselves completely off balance and out of position repeatedly. She can penetrate with the best of them or shoot the pullup with some impressive elevation. Even more lethal is her use of the step back that she combines off a crossover or a hesitation move that frees up her three pointer. Mitchell may be one of the few players at the high school level shooting a "true jumper" rather than a spot up look. Like all of her Princeton teammates, she's an active and aggressive defender in both full and halfcourt situations. Any recruiter just finding out about Mitchell is late and getting into a very crowded line. (Lewis)


A 2014 McDonald's All-American

1st-team AP All-Ohio in 2014