Bianca Cuevas

Bianca Cuevas

Point Guard

CLASS: 2014



  • Bronx, NYHometown
  • Nazareth Regional High School
  • 5-6Height
  • Weight
  • 35Overall Rank
  • 7Position Rank
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ESPN Player Evaluations

Nike Tournament of Champions-December 2013: Floor general with swagger; confident offensive game with range beyond the arc; elusive off the dribble, finds rim with regularity; playground creativity looks for fundamental consistency at next level. (Olson)

USJN July 2013: Electrifying lead guard with court savvy; flourishes in uptempo game, relying on the flashy play vs. the fundamental decision; interior passer, tempo changer, reads pressure; flamboyant finisher with inconsistent results; playground creator. (Olson)

PBR Super 64-July 11: Despite being obviously smaller than her 5-6 listing, this tiny point guard shows no fear going to the rim and taking on rotating defenders head on. She penetrates at will utilizing both a change of speed and change of direction that keeps defenders guessing. Her decision making appears to be evolving but she's still pushing the ball at every opportunity to keep opponents on their toes. The pull up is there and reliable for her but she seems to prefer the high arching floater off the glass. the deep perimeter will have to show some more consistency or defenders will be able to close out with a cushion to limit her attack. (Lewis)

JFK Classic-Jan. 11: What makes her different that other young guards is her mental approach to the game..she looks to punish her oppontent. Although her fundamentals continue to improve it his her creative with the basketball in her hand that make her a special talent. (Bodine)

Bragging Rights-Jan. 11: It seems as though this 5-2 point guard has been around for a while though she's just now suiting up for her first high-school season. Her club play with Exodus over the past few years has more than prepared her for the level of competition she'll face scholastically and she's not wasting any time making an impact for her Nazareth teammates. While her size and build may reveal her age, nothing about her game indicates inexperience. Her attacking individual moves get her past defenders for both the shot and pass. She keeps the ball low and is quick in her ability to get an opponent off balance. In the paint she's capable of getting her shot off among the size she encounters but is equally skilled at threading some sharp and effective passes. Cuevas uses both hands well and demonstrated some well-thought decision making. (Lewis)

Fall Showcase-Oct. 08 Point Guard Bianca Cuevas physically looks every bit the seventh grader that she is. However, nothing about the 5-2 standout's game says the Class of 2014. Size doesn't matter as much when you're going by defender after defender and getting to the rim. Yes, she did hit the floor a time or two, bouncing off defenders like a pinball, but more often than not she got the hoop or got fouled. Her ability to create is a direct result of her ball handling skills, which left more than one defender looking lost. While she didn't put up too many from the perimeter, her stroke looked good and her passing skills will keep her coaches and teammates smiling. Stay tuned! (Lewis)


A 2014 McDonald's All-American.

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