Olivia Miles

Olivia Miles

Point Guard

CLASS: 2021



  • Blairstown, NJHometown
  • Blair AcademyHigh School
  • 5-10Height
  • Weight
  • 8Overall Rank
  • 2Position Rank
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ESPN Player Evaluations

IE Independent School Nationals-February 2020: Poised playmaker with a potent scoring punch; handles and distributes with flair, precision in uptempo game; executes in half-court game with unselfish persona; offensive arsenal off the dribble complemented by range beyond the arc; an elite floor general with international experience, battle tested, a gamer. (Olson)

USA Trials-May 2019: Confident lead-guard with a dynamic floor game; superb court awareness, handles and dictates tempo, reads the defense and breaks down the opponent; an offensive arsenal with deep 3-point game range complemented by an elusive 1 on 1 game that dazzles the opposition; an impact guard at the next level. (Olson)

Boo Williams Invitational-April 2019: Athletic floor-leader wants to ball and looks to distribute; handles and passes with pizazz in uptempo game; 1 on 1 creator breaks down the defense and finds the rim; loves the assist, passes in traffic; an impact guard in the class of 2021. (Olson)

Battle-in-the-boro-July 2018: Athletic combo-guard manufactures shots, elusive off the dribble, tough to contain with mid-range game creativity; deep range game opportunist with soft touch; tough to contain off the dribble, passes with flair and precision; poised back court game continues as one of the elite prospects in the class of 2021. (Olson)

The Mecca-January 2018: Athletic guard handles in transition, passes with swag and delivers to teammates; shot maker with range beyond the arc; anticipates in passing lanes, reads the defense. (Olson)

USJN-July 2017: Elusive combo-guard handles, pushes tempo and distributes with flair; crossover creator, explosive off the dribble, drives and finishes plays in traffic; emerging perimeter game consistency; an elite guard prospect in the class of 2021. (Olson)

Northeast Elite Showcase-April 2017: Athletic combo-guard manufactures, elevates and delivers in mid-range game; 1 on 1 creator, collapses the defense, finds the rim with regularity. (Olson)


member USA U16 National Team in 2019.

USA Today 2nd-team New Jersey in 2019.