Dozens of players brace for change

Updated March 30, 2012

With the coaching carousel in full swing, here is a look at some of the players potentially affected by the announced coaching changes to date.


Chadarryl Clay, PG
Nariah Taylor, P
Cabriana Capers, F
TraCee Nicole Tanner, F
Former Coach: Nell Fortner
New Coach: Terri Williams-Flournoy

Boston College

Alexa Coulombe, W
Nicole Boudreau, G
Former Coach: Sylvia Crawley
New Coach: Erik Johnson

Bowling Green

Bailey Cairnduff, W
Former Coach: Curt Miller
New Coach: TBD


No commits confirmed
Former Coach: Kathy Fedorjaka
New Coach: Aaron Roussell

College of Charleston

No commits confirmed
Former Coach: Nancy Wilson
New Coach: Natasha Adair


Alexis Eckles, G
Emma Donahue, P
Ashley Bartow, G
Dilonna Johnson, G
Former Coach: Amy Stephens
New Coach: TBD

Fresno State

Destini Price, G
Toni Smith, P
Former Coach: Adrian Wiggins
New Coach: Raegan Pebley

George Washington

Aaliyah Brown, G
Anjaleace White, P
Dalacy Anderson, F
Alexis Chandler, G
Former Coach: Mike Bozeman
New Coach: Jonathan Tsipis

Georgia Southern

Sierra Kirkland, F
Former Coach: Rusty Cram
New Coach: Chris Vozab

Green Bay

Mariah Monke, F
Brionna Barnett, G
Former Coach: Matt Bollant
New Coach: Keith Borseth


Shahana Zeigler, PG
Diane Moore, G
Former Coach: Dana Takahara-Dias
New Coach: Laura Beeman


McKenzie Piper, G
Nia Moore, F
Former Coach: Jolette Law
New Coach: Matt Bollant


Brittany Webb, PG
Haley Videckis, F
Former Coach: Felisha Legette-Jack
New Coach: Curt Miller


Caitlin Diaz, F
Sylvana Okde, PG
Jasmine Mills, F
Former Coach: Errol Rogers
New Coach: TBD

Loyola Marymount

Deanna Johnson, PG
Brianna Kennedy, F
Chelsea Barnes, G
Amanda Moore, G -- decommitted
Sophie Taylor, F
Former Coach: Julie Wilhoit
New Coach: Charity Elliott


Destinie Gibbs, W (RELEASED)
Quinndella Ford, G
Former Coach: Renee Ladner
New Coach: Adrian Wiggins

Mississippi State

Dominique Brooks, P
Jessy Ward, PG
Former Coach:Sharon Fanning-Otis
New Coach: Vic Schaefer

North Dakota

Josie Dillon, W
Elen Kiser, P
Katie Klapprodt, PG
Emma Weinreich, F
Former Coach: Gene Roebuck
New Coach: Travis Brewster

Northwestern State

Jessica Wilson, W
Former Coach: Jennifer Graf
New Coach: TBD


Lexi Sells, G
Jephany Brown, G
Chanel Green, PG
Former Coach: Phil Seymore
New Coach: Susan Robinson Fruchti

Saint Louis

Denisha Womack, P
Rachel Mendelsohn, PG
Former Coach: Shimmy Gray-Miller
New Coach: TBD


Symone Kelly, F
Former Coach: Gina Castelli
New Coach: Ali Jaques

Tennessee State

Brianna Lawrence, G
Former Coach: Tracee Wells
New Coach: Larry Joe Inman


Imani Stafford, P
Empress Davenport, G
Former Coach: Gail Goestenkors
New Coach: Karen Aston

Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

Whitney Dunn, F
Zenobia Winbush, W
Former Coach: Robert Robinson
New Coach: TBD


Emily Adams, P
Jordyn Peck, G
Former Coach: Gela Mikalauskas
New Coach: Lisa Cermingnano

Western Kentucky

Micah Jones, G
Jalynn McClain, F
Former Coach: Taylor Cowles
New Coach: Michelle Clark-Heard

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