Area Code Games: Selection process

The selection process for the Area Code Baseball Games should not overwhelm anyone. The process begins with an invitation to a tryout and invitations are sent based upon recommendations made to those MLB scouts in charge of one of the eight teams. The process to make it on an Area Code Baseball roster is difficult, but it is a rewarding experience. There are approximately 3,000 invitations mailed out each year, and a total of approximately 200 players are selected.

For the 2009 Area Code Baseball Games, the MLB teams putting the Area Code Baseball teams together are the Oakland Athletics, Milwaukee Brewers, Texas Rangers, Chicago White Sox, Washington Nationals, Cincinnati Reds and the New York Yankees.

There are three events that fall under the Area Code Baseball umbrella.

The Area Code Baseball Camp:
Anyone of high school age (freshman-senior) can sign up and attend an Area Code Baseball Camp, which teaches training skills, so that a player can go into his season with a proper background for his position. This is a great opportunity to get specialized baseball skill training. An ancillary benefit of participating in these camps for the Area Code Baseball Games eligible players is additional exposure to those who make decisions on invitations to an Area Code tryout. The camps are instructional, and parents are encouraged not to use the camp as a means to receive an invite to a tryout.

The Area Code Baseball Tryouts:
A player must be invited to a tryout. An invitation to a tryout is based on recommendations from scouts. Click Here for the Area Code Player Profile. Depending on the numbers at the tryouts, players may be cut during the day. The rosters are usually announced a couple of weeks after the final team tryout. Rosters vary in size between 25-30 players per team. Like the Area Code Baseball Games, the Area Code Baseball Tryouts are free to the players. The only costs involved are those incurred in traveling to the tryout.

Area Code Baseball Games:
A spot on any of the teams is based on the performance of the athlete at an Area Code Tryout. The scouts conducting the tryouts will assess the player and be the sole decision makers for the roster. The team selection is made after each of the final tryouts. The 2009 Area Code Baseball Games will be held August 5-10 at Blair Field in Long Beach, California. Each team will play five games over the six days. Tryout dates and locations will be announced over the coming months on the Area Code Baseball Page.

Any eligible player may fill out the Area Code Player Profile. The form will be forwarded off to the Area Code Staff in your region.