Top 10 unchanged in Week 2's Fab 50

ESPN will release the ESPN RISE FAB 50 national football rankings to start each week of the regular season. The rankings combine three previously independent polls and are compiled by a panel of voters, including Doug Huff (Wheeling, W. Va.); Jon Mahoney (Brooklyn, N.Y.); Sheldon Shealer (Myersville, Md.); Brian Stumpf (Torrance, Calif.) and Mark Tennis (Stockton, Calif.). Kynon Codrington, Christopher Lawlor, Mike Loveday, Bob Masajo and Paul Muyskens also contributed to the poll.

Trinity High, of Euless, Texas remains in the top spot after week 1, the Trojans take on Cedar Hill (Cedar Hill, Texas) on Sept. 12.

Click here to read ESPN RISE's full week 2 breakdown.

Results based on games through Sept. 6

Also Receiving Votes: Broken Arrow (Broken Arrow, Okla.) 1-0; Center Grove (Greenwood, Ind.) 2-1; Crespi (Encino, Calif.) 1-0; East Grand Rapids (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 2-0; Madison County (Madison, Fla.) 0-0.

Dropped Out: Previous No. 31 Union (Tulsa, Okla.); No. 44 Desert Vista (Phoenix, Ariz.); No. 48 Olive Branch (Olive Branch, Miss.); No. 49 Sheldon (Eugene, Ore.).

*Ties in points are broken according to which team was ranked higher by a majority of panelists.