Henderson shares secrets from Duke's locker-room

Gerald Henderson plays for one of college basketball's most hated teams -- the Duke Blue Devils -- and there's a really good chance that he's the most hated player on the roster. Just ask North Carolina forward Tyler Hansbrough.

Still, from giving the goods on Blue Devils coach Mike Krzyzewski dressing up like Rocky Balboa to revealing Duke guard Jon Scheyer's messy tendencies, Henderson, Duke's high-flying swingman, tells the team's inside stories.

On the locker room before a game.
Guys are doing a lot of different stuff. They've got different rituals, like some take showers before the games to get their muscles loose. Some guys run around and get themselves hyped. I'm more the guy that sits there and thinks about the plays that I'm gonna make before the game. Some guys get there 10 minutes before we have to go out there and some get there two hours before we run out there. It's all in how they get prepared. But I haven't seen anybody ram their head into the wall to get ready, so that's good.

On Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski's best motivation technique.
My freshman year we were struggling a little bit so he had us over his house and we were in his theater downstairs and he walked in dressed as Rocky. We were on a little losing streak and we were a little down so he tried to get us pumped up with that one. He did it up, I mean he played "Eye of the Tiger" and everything. Then we watched the movie. It was definitely a memorable moment.

On the last time he cried.
When my grandmother passed away a couple of summers ago. Other than that, I'm not really a crier. But there's nothing wrong with a man crying. I mean if you feel it, let it go.

On why an iPod is better than an MP3 player.
You can just do a little more with it. Nowadays, with the iPod touch, you can go on the Internet and check your e-mail and all of that good stuff.

On who he wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.
Definitely Mike Tyson. His high-pitched voice is the only thing that's misleading about him. But I know better.

On what CD is in the car these days.
Well, right now I've got Alicia Keys in the car. I like that pretty good, I don't have a favorite song though because they're all good.

On whether he'd choose a national title or NBA riches.
That's easy, a national title. That's what is directly in front of me. That's one of my goals right now.

On his biggest pet peeve.
Dishonesty. I don't deal with people who aren't honest.

On his guilty pleasure.
Foot massages.

On his best high school memory.
My senior year we played a game on ESPN and [North Carolina guard] Wayne [Ellington] hit a last second shot to help us win the game. That was real cool.

On the TV show he never misses.
Definitely "Entourage." I like that they're in Cali and I like their lifestyle. No entourage for me, though.

On his most dreaded chore.
Cleaning up after my roommate [Duke guard] Jon Scheyer. He's not a pig, but I wouldn't call him the cleanest guy in the world, either. The one thing that he leaves around the most is food.

On the one that got away.
Aww man I can't answer that one. I can't put that out there.

Attempting to spell K-R-Z-Y-Z-E-W-S-K-I.
Whew. … K … K-R … Uh, let me see. Uh … OK, let me guess. K-R … I know it's Z … Y-Z … E-W-S-K-I. I knew one day that question would come up. Wow, I can't believe I knew that.

Jason Jordan writes for ESPNRISE.com and ESPN The Magazine.