Wednesday, February 27
Motive may have been to sideline star player

Associated Press

PIKEVILLE, Ky. -- A high school basketball star was severely beaten after a rival team's tournament game, leaving him too injured to play in his own team's contest Wednesday.

Assault charges have been filed against six Shelby Valley High School students after a melee Monday that injured Jarrod R. Adkins, the leading scorer for cross-county rival Millard High School.

At least three other students were treated for minor injuries at Pikeville Methodist Hospital.

Deputy Sheriff Greg Smith said more arrests are likely.

"I've got 10 different stories about what the motive is," Smith said. "I haven't yet determined which is true."

He declined to comment when asked if the attack might have been an effort to keep Adkins out of future tournament games. Norma Adkins, the 17-year-old player's mother, said the bones in her son's right hand were crushed, as if broken intentionally.

"He does not know how it happened," Norma Adkins said. "There were several people around him, kicking him and beating him."

Adkins, who averages 22 points per game, also suffered a head injury, and underwent surgery Tuesday. His mother said he could be released as early as Thursday.

Millard, without its star player, lost its shot a district championship Wednesday night with an 88-63 defeat to Pike Central High School in another game at Shelby Valley. Pike Central will play Shelby Valley on Friday.

"These kids feel like they were robbed," Millard coach Joe Marson said. "Not having our top scorer made the difference."

Adkins scored 35 points in two previous matchups with Pike Central this season. Millard won both games.

"Everybody's just torn all to pieces," senior guard Jonathan Tackett said. "It would have been a different story if we had Jarrod out there."

Sheriff Charles "Fuzzy" Keesee said the attack occurred on a football field, more than 100 yards from the gym where the basketball tournament is being held.

"We're not sure at this point what exactly caused this," he said. "This might have been brewing for a while."

Louis Stout, executive director of the Kentucky High School Athletics Association, said Wednesday he would reserve comment on the incident until he gets a report from the school.

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