The perfect couple

A horse race is a good place to meet a single man.

Single men outnumber single women at the race track or simulcast house by what, about 40-1?

The problem would then become: What kind of man have I just met?

Is he of the renaissance type? Or is he unhinged? Is he clever? Or is he a lunatic?

Single women at the horse races tend to have had a nose in the business and have had relatives or a former spouse involved in racing or breeding or handicapping. Most single women who love horse racing have grown up with the business. The problem with any new acquaintance is judging him or her by past performances versus similar. It's why some single women come to the track with a firm no-nonsense attitude about them.

Another type of single woman found at the horse races is somebody who is extremely smart and has come for the money. Losers pay the winners through the pari-mutuel form of gambling. And there are plenty of dummies at the races. People good with their imaginations, with logic and with numbers often do well wagering on horses. It's why you can occasionally meet somebody fascinating there.

Relationships can be difficult to fit into a serious wagering environment.

Still, you see a lot of couples at the horse races.

Some are split couples featuring somebody who loves horse racing and somebody who isn't a horse player. Some couples both love the sport.

Here are samples of horse race couples dialog.

"I was thinking about going to the races today."

"Thinking or announcing?"

"Want to go?"

"Of course not. I have better things to do than run with deadbeats. What I want to do is see your financial betting records for the year."

"I'm about even."

"Even if I believed that, it's not so good for what amounts to a second job. Half-time activities are supposed to produce money. Do you have any idea how much time you spend at the race track?

"About the same amount of time you spend reading books."

"Do you hear yourself?"

"I read people, it's just as educational. Why don't you like the horse races?"

"It's too hard. And time consuming."

Here's what can happen when both sides of a couple love horse racing.

"I like the three."

"What are you, nuts? That guy couldn't train a dog to lift a leg on a tree stump."

"Who do you like?"

"The winner."

"The twelve?"

"Oh sure. The outside horse on a short run to the first turn. I like the five."

"The five? That jockey couldn't ride a broomstick."

"Then give me back the fifty I loaned you."

"You know what the problem is?"

"Yeah, your picks."

"You're a jinx. All you want to do is argue. You think you know everything. You manufacture bad karma."

Here's the ideal horse race couple.

"Want to hit the horse races?"

"Nope. But you go. Have fun. Win some money."

"What do you think about us getting married one day?"