Trouble in paradise

It's time to begin preparations for the Breeder's Cup Halloween party.

Here are some potential problems the horse player must face on an hourly basis:

The house cut, which is money skimmed off the top of each wagering pool and can amount to a breathtaking 15 percent.

A bad post position.

Hidden injuries to a horse.

Hungover jockeys.

Depressed trainer.

Track bias.

Hidden workouts.

Tired horses drifting down the stretch.

Missed breaks.

A bad picker selecting your horse to win.

A jinx loiters nearby.

The jockey moves a horse too soon.

The jockey moves a horse too late.

Handicapping over a bad mood.

Odds that seem to change as the horses run down the backside.

Bad tips.

Money invested on savers, which are lousy horses used as insurance on multi-win wagers such as pick threes, fours and sixes.

Crazy odds changes that influence your opinion.

Horse doesn't like the track.

Lots of "smart" money shows late.

Lots of "dumb" money shows late.

You didn't bring enough money.


Horse takes a bad step.

One beer too many.

Horse gets behind traffic.

Unexpected bad weather.

Horse needs a race.

Rider loses whip.

Horse washes out badly in warm-up.

Horse breaks through gate.

Photo finish.

Rider change.

Superstitions ignored.

Bad call by stewards.


It's a wonder we ever win a dime.