Seen worse

A horse player is comprised of these complications.

He or she:

Complains a lot.

Has total recall of bad luck.

Is a private person.

Runs late.

Is overdue.

Doubts it.

Is smarter than most.

Has seen worse.

Enjoys reading.

Loses things.

Has hope.

Is imaginative.

Holds grudges.

Doesn't like most contemporary movies.

Deserves it.

Is intolerant of saps.

Is sleepy.

Has patience.

Is superstitious.

Is usually male.

Will argue.

Prefers the classics.

Has a great memory.

Is greedy.

Prefers his or her own company.

Makes notes.

Dislikes the obvious.

Has remarkable staying power.

Has a sense of humor.

Likes fine things.

Likes dogs.

Is stubborn.

Is observant.

Likes a beer.

Tips well.

Despite all that, or because of it, these characteristics often trickle down into what matters most: loyalty and fairness.