Is the most expensive filly worth it?

The bar has once again been raised for the extreme prices people are willing to pay for the privilege of owning the most competitive race horses in the horse racing community. Filante Stables certainly paid the price outbidding two other trainers for the right to race Olympias, a two-year-old bay filly with an impressive 21% Runs / Wins ratio on Digiturf.com.

The most expensive horse in the world is The Green Monkey to date who was sold for a staggering $16,000,000. Despite an auspicious start in life, after being foaled in the Chinese year of the green monkey and being the descendant of two Kentucky Derby winners, The Green Monkey proved to be an absolute flop on the track. After failing to break his maiden in his three career starts he was officially retired to stud duty.

It may seem absurd to pay such exorbitant prices on the random chance of winning a championship race when horse breeders are breeding champions every day. Unfortunately, breeding champion race horses doesn't always beget championship offspring. After considerable expense and time the results are often genetic throwbacks resembling little, if any, of their parent's innate abilities for competitive horse racing, which explains why some buyers would rather invest in a race horse with proven abilities and definite championship potential.

Olympias has impeccable form. In addition to placing in 46% of all her races, her victories include winning the Preakness Nursery, Juvenile Sprint Qualifier, Juvenile Classic Qualifier and the Belmont Stakes Champ Qualifier. She has yet to race over a stayer distance but there is hope that she may become Digiturf.com's next Triple Crown contender when she turn's three-years-old next season.

Digiturf.com is the online virtual horse racing community where players around the world compete against each other for real stakes. It may sound like child's play but their stakes are incredibly high for an online gaming community and offers great value for money when you consider that owning a real-life race horse can cost anything from a few thousands to several millions. Virtual horse racing at Digiturf.com allows you to experience the thrill of training and racing your horses against other people for real cash at a fraction of the cost of owning a live racehorse. Half the challenge in racing virtual horses is training them to ascertain their true potential so you can race them as competitively as possible in appropriate races.

One of the reasons why Digiturf.com has been so popular with horse racing enthusiasts for the past eleven years is because their incredibly sophisticated handicapping system is based on real-life horse racing. Every win carries a penalty and every loss carries an allowance. You're not going to waste a great horse in a cheap race for an easy win, likewise, you wouldn't want your average horses competing against a field of champions when they could earn more money for you in allowances and claiming races. Virtual horse racing is also a skills-based game where you're competing against a community of online players rather than gambling in a casino where you know the house always wins.

If you're wondering how much someone would have to pay for a virtual race horse to make the news on ESPN.com then you need to consider that the average virtual race horse sells for only $15 on Digiturf.com before you can appreciate spectacular Olympias being sold for $4,601 cash. Her new trainer, Filante Stables, obviously thinks she's worth every cent but she also needs to earn that money back before she becomes The Green Monkey of virtual horse racing. Olympias isn't even the most expensive horse on Digiturf.com -- she's currently the fifth highest, but she is the most expensive filly in the world of virtual horse racing. Deadly Quiet shattered auction records in 2007 when he was sold for $5,976, followed by Dan's Defiant and Toc Genghis Khan who sold for $5,450 and $5,000 respectively, but the most expensive sale on Digiturf.com was in 2010 when Trezza Stables sold Secret Legend to Karl Khoder for $6,001. You need to have a lot of confidence in your skills as a virtual horse trainer to invest that much money in a horse.

Why would anyone spend so much money buying a virtual horse at Digiturf.com? Because they're worth it!

Digiturf.com is a simulated online horse racing game where players develop their skills and strategies in owning, training and racing virtual horses against others from around the world. The horses are computer generated but the stakes are real.