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Monday, July 31
MBNA America Racing Challenge

The MBNA America Quarter Horse Racing Challenge debuted in 1993 and today is a $3.5 million series of 66 races run in 10 regions throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. American Quarter Horses compete in one of six types of races depending upon their age, ability and gender. The regional winners will then meet at Lone Star Park on Oct. 28 to run in each division's championship race.

MBNA America Challenge Championship
Three-year-olds and up, 440 yards

Date Regional Final Track Purse Winner
4/9 New Mexico Sunland Park $75,000 Mrstrawflytoyou
5/13 Oklahoma Remington Park $75,000 Tailor Fit
5/27 East Delta Downs $60,000 First Down Hero
5/27 California Los Alamitos $60,000 Rojo Dancer
6/10 Mexico Remata Park $37,500 Wholelota Dash
6/25 Northwest Les Bois Park $60,000 Policy Tacs
7/15 Texas Sam Houston $80,000 Victory Defined
7/23 Canada Evergreen Park $30,000 Your So Awesome
8/12 Central Prairie Meadows $60,000 Runaway Wil
10/7 West/Southwest Turf Paradise $60,000 Moon Shadow Dancer

Bayer Legend Challenge
Three-year-olds, 400 yards

Date Regional Final Track Purse Winner
4/30 East Delta Downs $27,500 War Colors
6/10 Mexico Retama Park $17,500 PF Flyers
6/17 Oklahoma Blue Ribbon Downs $27,500 JD Fax Me
6/18 New Mexico  Ruidoso Downs $27,500 Gone Kool Man
6/24 Northwest Les Bois Park $27,500 Taken All The Cash
7/14 Texas Sam Houston $35,000 Do It To It Reb
7/30 West/Southwest Arapahoe park $27,500 Winner Takes Cash
8/13 Central Canterbury Park $27,500 A Fast Jet Home
9/9 Canada Whoop-Up Downs $13,750 All Heads Up
9/23 California Los Alamitos $27,500 Determined Dash

Professional's Choice Challenge
Three-year-olds and up that have started for a claiming price of $5,000 or less in the 12 months prior to entry deadline for the time trials, 400 yards

Date Regional Final Track Purse Winner
5/20 East Delta Downs $12,500 Two Treys
5/21 Oklahoma Remington Park $15,000 Rare Ruler
6/10 Northwest Les Bois Park $12,500 Onwego Ashley
6/10 Mexico Retama Park $10,000 Yahoo Lets Celebrate
6/24 Central Eureka Downs $17,500 Somnus
7/16 West/Southwest Wyoming Downs $12,500 Dat Valley Girl
7/22 Texas Sam Houston $15,000 Miss Hip Hop
8/26 New Mexico Ruidoso Downs $15,000 Chicks Special Heart
9/2 Canada Whoop-Up Downs $10,000 Check Ta Fame
9/22 California Los Alamitos $12,500 Tac Oh Dash

American Airlines Challenge
Two-year-olds, 350 yards

Date Regional Final Track Purse Winner
4/29 East Delta Downs $22,500 Streakin Latocha
5/13 Texas Retama Park $20,000 Quarterloom
6/3 Mexico Hipodromo de las Americas $12,500 Gold First
6/18 Oklahoma Blue Ribbon Downs $20,000 Thru Ruby Eyes
6/25 Northwest Les Bois Park $20,000 Gone Clear
7/22 Canada Evergreen Park $12,500 Sign So Fine
8/6 New Mexico Ruidoso Downs $20,000 Coyote Ridge
8/11 Central Prairie Meadows $20,000 Eyesaflash
8/12 California Los Alamitos $20,000 Royal Quick Diamond
10/7 West/Southwest Turf Paradise $20,000 Winning Runner

Centaur Challenge
Fillies and mares, three-year-olds and up, 400 yards

Date Regional Final Track Purse Winner
6/17 Texas Retama Park $15,000 Sacred
7/4 West/Southwest Arapahoe Park $15,000 Ain't It Fun
8/13 New Mexico Ruidoso Downs $15,000 Lynns Allante
8/26 California Los Alamitos $15,000 Linda Te Chick
9/30 Central Prairie Meadows $15,000 Tender Flyer

Worldcom Distance Challenge
Three-year-olds and up, 870 yards

Date Regional Final Track Purse Winner
4/2 New Mexico Sunland Park $20,000 BCR Really A Jet
5/6 Oklahoma Remington Park $12,500 Drip Dry Dash
5/28 East Delta Downs $12,500 Alota Flare
7/16 West/Southwest Wyoming Downs $12,500 McKenzies Way
7/29 Texas Sam Houston $15,000 Drip Dry Dash
8/5 Northwest Les Bois Park $12,500 BCR Really A Jet
8/11 California Los Alamitos $12,500 Sign of Lanty
8/13 Central Canterbury Park $12,500 Bugem Bully