Keith Law's 2019 MLB Mock Draft 1.0

ESPN Illustration

The MLB draft starts in just four weeks, which means we're close enough to at least start talking about who might be drafted where. The top 10 or so picks are at least becoming less opaque. I think these are mostly the right names up top, barring some team cutting a well-under-slot deal with someone -- which could very well happen, especially after the top seven -- but my confidence wanes quickly as we go into the second half of the round. I'll update this again in a few weeks and at least one more time beyond that before the draft itself.

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1. Baltimore Orioles: Adley Rutschman, C, Oregon State

I think the O's would take Rutschman or Andrew Vaughn, perhaps taking whichever of the two will sign for less and using the under-slot savings to go over with subsequent picks. It doesn't sound like the O's clearly prefer either player.