Hendrick cars running Monster logos when required UPDATE

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ORIGINAL POST 2-25-2016: Car owner Rick Hendrick gave a short response to a question Friday about his cars not always displaying logos of Cup series sponsor Monster Energy when they are away from the track. "When our cars are at the track, they'll have the Monster logo on the windshield and on the side of the car and guys will have it on their uniform," Hendrick said at Daytona International Speedway.

NASCAR regulates where a series sponsor's logo must appear on a car at the track. This year, NASCAR replaced the decal that had the driver's name across the front windshield with a decal that features series sponsor Monster Energy.

Hendrick Motorsports' social media account posted pictures before the season of its cars at the shop with the decal of the driver's name across the front windshield instead of the series sponsor. Hendrick's website also has pictures of the cars for each of its four Cup drivers that feature the driver's name across the front windshield instead of the Monster Energy logo. Some of those pictures, though, do include a small Monster Energy logo near the car number near the driver's side door area.

Monster Beverage Corp., makes a product called Monster Mutant and classifies it as a citrus soda brand, which is the same category as Mountain Dew, a Hendrick Motorsports sponsor.

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UPDATE 2-28-2017 Monster Energy doesn't have a problem with Hendrick Motorpsorts taking steps to avoid using the Monster logo when its cars or drivers are not in the garage. Hendrick sponsor Mountain Dew and Monster's Mutant are competitors. Monster Energy VP Mitch Covington: "They've got a good sponsor they need to take care of. We don't have any problem with Mr. Hendrick or his team or his drivers. We think they're great."