Jayski.com: NASCAR not expected to add mid-week points races to '18 Cup schedule

NASCAR is not expected to feature any mid-week points races in its top series next season, according to sources, likely delaying a much-discussed change that could come to the sport. Monster Energy Cup Series races have been traditionally held on the weekend, but NASCAR and industry stakeholders -- including media partners and tracks -- have recently examined the idea of moving a handful of races to midweek dates. This could serve as a way to get away from hyper-competitive sports weekends and energize a fanbase that at times yearns for a shakeup to the schedule. However, sources said that while the idea is still on the table for the future, the various moving parts that would need to come together are unlikely to happen in time to get any on the '18 schedule. Moving a race to the middle of the week would involve clearing a host of logistical hurdles on both the media and track side that apparently have yet to come to fruition. A track source said of not getting it done for '18, "Too many hoops to get through." Another track source added, "Midweek points races are an idea, but there's a whole lot of work that needs to be done to make them viable."

WEEKEND WARRIORS: The move could also be risky for tracks, as many NASCAR fans have grown accustomed to making weekend trips out of races and could be put off by a one-day show in the middle of the week. Industry execs said that tracks likely to try a mid-week race are those that are less reliant on campers to make up their attendance. Sources also would not rule out NASCAR moving the All-Star Race -- one of two non-points races each year -- to the middle of the week for '18.

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