Jayski.com: NASCAR looking for ways to prevent airborne crashes

Andrew Weber/USA TODAY Sports

Racers generally test to push the limits of their speed.

On Tuesday, however, NASCAR was searching for ways to slow cars down at Daytona International Speedway.

Joey Logano was one of five drivers participating in an aerodynamic exercise focussed on discouraging lift-off on vehicles at restrictor plate tracks.

"Yesterday was an interesting day with a lot of different packages coming from NASCAR," Logano said. "The goal is to try and lower the lift-off speed. When these cars turn around backwards, it creates lift. That's when you see cars get real light. When they're already light - and get hit - you sometimes see them roll over, right? We've seen that happen. So we're trying to figure out ways to create downforce - backwards. I guess it's what we're trying to do.

"It's easier said than done. We can probably do that pretty easily. But doing that and not effecting the racing and not adding a bunch of costs to the teams is the challenge. There's a few different avenues that they tried in trying to achieve that goal. I feel like they've made some good gains on it. But as a driver, it might seem good to me. As a team, they might have to talk some things out on how to implement certain things the right way and keep us all from ourselves, basically. Control ourselves from ourselves. We learned a lot Even with five cars I thought we collected some good data from that."

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